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Tips For Renovating Your Roof

Have you decided to renovate your roof? Whether it is to repair a leak, replace tiles, change the coating, or even remove moss from the roof, maintaining the roof is essential to preserve its role of covering. Black marks, fungus, and moss may seem harmless, but it is important to get rid of them regularly otherwise these problems will spread to the entire roof. Some moss can even attack tiles and permanently damage the coating. However, working at height on a slippery surface such as the roof of a house can be dangerous: it is necessary to call in professionals  from Mighty Dog Roofing who are able to handle aggressive products, but also high-pressure cleaners without risking damage to your roof.

Have your roof renovated by roofing professionals

The work on a roof can take two forms: renovation or repair. Most of the time, a simple renovation is enough, where all the damaged areas are repaired, water-repellent treatments are applied, a screen is installed under the roof, etc. If the renovation is not enough, if the roof is too damaged or too old, then it is necessary to consider a repair and change the entire roof. Before this repair, an expert will analyze the condition of the frame for a diagnosis. If the latter is not conclusive, it will also be necessary to repair the frame.

What is the lifespan of a roof on average?

The average lifespan of a roof ranges from 20 to 25 years but can be extended by performing regular maintenance. In all cases, visible signs will tell you that your roof must be repaired or changed: traces of humidity in the attic, whitish traces under the tiles (porous tiles), etc.

Apply a waterproofer

Perform regular maintenance of its roof is a good thing, but it is highly advisable to apply a waterproofing roof. This will allow you to delay the appearance of moss, mold, black marks, and others, but also to fill any cracks and other natural porosities of the material. Its water-repellent effect will more easily wash away dirt, foams, etc. instead of letting them stagnate and grow.

The water-repellent treatment is sprayed immediately after a thorough cleaning of the roof, together with a defoamer. It will help maintain the integrity of the roof and protect it from impurities for several years. Over time, this treatment saves you money because the maintenance will become less frequent.

Do it yourself or delegate?

You may be tempted to perform roof maintenance yourself to save money. However, it is a dangerous task, if only because it takes place at height and on a slippery surface. In addition, the phytosanitary products to be applied can be dangerous. Finally, waterproofing the roof must be done very carefully: the smallest square centimeter forgotten can compromise the effectiveness of the application.

The use of a high pressure cleaner must be done with care: it can indeed damage the materials and must therefore be used with full knowledge of the facts.

Roof waterproofing problems

A sealing problem can quickly become urgent. Broken or damaged tiles, roofing that becomes porous, etc. can cause problems, which will have repercussions inside the frame. It is obviously strongly recommended to call on professionals to review the waterproofing of the roof. Indeed, in addition to the renovation, these experts will establish a diagnosis and may discover other problems that should be treated as soon as possible: termites, fungi, damaged beams, etc.

A roof renovation project can also be an opportunity to revamp the exterior appearance of your home, especially if you are planning to sell. You can decide to change the coating (concrete, slate, terracotta, etc.) or to change the color of the latter. However, be careful to respect the local planning rules, the standards of your place of residence, etc.

Get help to renovate

Redoing a roof involves a relatively high cost. Most owners, therefore, prefer to wait until the problem becomes urgent before embarking on this type of work. This is understandable, but it is a mistake: the longer you wait, the more the situation deteriorates and risks causing additional costs. Before someone gets hurt and their personal injury lawyer at Gross & Schuster in Pensacola, Florida steps in, contact the professionals and begin your renovation sooner rather than later.

The case of fiber cement roofing: precautions

If your roof to renovate is fiber cement, be careful! Indeed, this type of material requires special care because it contains asbestos. This carcinogenic substance can spread if your roof is damaged. To renovate this type of roof, a specific coating needs to be applied on the roof or the roof must be completely removed because that is the only way to protect it against asbestos leaks.

In this case, it is imperative to call on a professional roofing company, which will be able to deal with this case in accordance with the standards and remove the asbestos sheets to a safe place.


Renovating a roof is not an easy task, it is better to contact experts who can renovate this crucial part of your home, without waiting for a minor problem to turn into water damage or compromise the solidity of your frame. From aesthetic cleaning to total repair, regular roof maintenance certainly comes at a cost, but it is absolutely necessary. Remember that help exists: do not stay with your worries by putting them off until later!



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