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The Best High-End Backyard Gazebos

Want a high-end backyard gazebo that’ll be the perfect getaway in your home, supporting a wide array of functions throughout the seasons? A high-end gazebo can serve up a grill area, a dining area, lounge area, and many other functional spaces all-year-round. High-end gazebos are usually composed of weather-resistant materials, and a hard roof withstands extreme weather and an elegant finish.

But before you settle on any high-end gazebo pick, you need to make sure you’ve got the basics right. You need to pick a suitable spot, preferably near the pool, and amply distanced from the home entrance. Check to ensure that there aren’t any sewer pipes, water pipes, or electricity cables passing through the spot. You also need to check for any applicable structure codes in your jurisdiction. Also, a high-end gazebo might be as good as its foundation, so you also need to ensure the structure’s foundation is as reliable as it can get.

Now, with the basics underwater, here are the four best high-end gazebos that you can choose from.

Sojag Dakota Aluminum Gazebo

With an anti-rust coated aluminum frame, a hard roof with galvanized, powder-coated steel panels, and insect netting, Sojag Dakota is a highly reliable gazebo that can serve you steadfastly all year round. Customer reviews worldwide show that this product is one of the best for areas frequently hit with extreme natural events, including heavy winds, heavy downpours, and even hurricanes.

The 10 x 12-foot structure can contain a dining table for a mid-sized family or several seats or a mid-sized BBQ area. But smaller models are also available, including a 10 x 10 ft model and another that’s 6 x 8 ft.

Other remarkable features of Sojag Dakota models include a two-tracked railed system – one factory-fitted with a mosquito net and the other reserved for curtains. The models also sport a hook in their roof’s interior for hanging a fan or lighting.

Sunjoy Rosedale Bamboo Steel Frame Gazebo

For a more upscale beach vibe, you can opt for this Sunjoy gazebo with frames made of highly durable and weather resistant steel with an elegant bamboo finish. It’s a sturdy, weather-resistant 10 x 10-foot structure that towers 9.9 feet above the ground with a 6.8-foot entrance. Besides the stunning bamboo finish, the structure’s beachside allure is also promoted by its vented roof and rain-resistant fabric. The vented top is designed to dispel strong wind while maintaining optimal airflow within the structure. Other notable features include a sizable stake that can anchor the structure firmly onto the foundation and a rail system on the roof’s edges for curtains.

EliteShade Sunbrella Titan

With an industry-best, 5-year guarantee, EliteShade Sunbrella Titan promises to serve you steadfastly throughout the seasons with remarkable features and functions. From powder-coated, heavy-gauge extruded aluminum frames to reinforced corners, a heavy-duty anchor plate, and a wind-mitigating roof, EliteShade Sunbrella is a well-rounded gazebo that can stand the test of time. The structure is also relatively easy to set up. Within three hours, you can assemble it in place from scratch with the help of just one or two people.

Kozyard Alexander Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo

The Kozyyard Alexander hardtop gazebo has all the makings of a top-notch product that can last you a long time With an ingenious roofing design that prevents water logs and snow buildups from mounting pressure on the structure. The 10 x 12-foot structure is supported by wind-resistant 5-inch thick poles embedded with gutters. It also comes with extra side walls and insect netting for protection from mosquitoes, bugs, and even prying eyes.

Not sure which among all these products are the best for you? Reach out to us today to get professional assistance to choose and install your high-end gazebo.



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