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6 Awesome Ways Digital Innovations are Changing the Field of Construction


When you think about construction, digital tools won’t really come up as natural as when you’re doing accounting or other analytical enterprise. It’s such a physical task that it’s kind of incredible to think that there are ways you can cut corners (in a good way) to make your construction business much more efficient and ultimately succeed in the game.

They say the construction sector has not seen any significant improvement in terms of efficiency and productivity over the past few decades and perhaps not using digital tools is the reason why. So to avoid that hassle, let me show you just 6 awesome ways digital tools can improve your construction business.

  1. Integrated Systems

Any business, regardless of industry, has to deal with similar things to operate. These include HR, financing, and CRM. To be honest, there are tons of software and digital tools that can help you with that. However, as time goes by, great minds have now come up with software that integrates these essential processes for a much faster, safer, and accurate digital tool for your business. This software is what is known as an ERP system just like the JDE Software.

  1. Virtual Trainings

The pandemic has posed a challenge in terms of the continued training of skilled professionals who need to be out in the field to do their work. Fortunately, we already live in the era of virtual reality that assist such workers in sharpening their skills and making sure that they are at their best once they finally perform their actual task

This can also apply to construction companies. Virtual training is the best way you can make sure your team doesn’t forget what needs to be done in the field, while also teaching new recruits how to deal with all kinds of situations while on the job.

  1. Business Information Modeling

Gone are the days of paper blueprints and contracts because 3D modelling has made it much safer for contractors to look at a scale model of a building before going ahead with construction. These models will allow engineers to figure out possible errors and eliminate them instantly without having to waste materials, equipment, and time; while at the same time avoiding accidents during and after construction.

  1. Higher Safety Standards

Aside from the layer of protection granted by virtual training to any worker involved in dangerous tasks, other digital tools can also ensure the safety of your workers, wherever they may be. This is done through GPS locations that can track where your laborers are (within their work hours only of course). Then there’s also artificial intelligence that can eliminate the guesswork for plans and actual construction. With a much more accurate plan, you can avoid injuries that are fatal for your workers and also for your income.

  1. Improved Team Collaboration

Simple applications that go beyond messaging apps help you communicate tasks and workload better. Some software even include productivity tools to remind you about scheduled tasks and when it should be accomplished. With a team communication tool, your workers would also no longer need to write long emails just to tell you they finished a task or if they’ve already submitted the requirements for an ongoing project. Sending out memos or company announcements are also easier through these digital tools.

  1. Wider Marketing Reach

The modern world of technological advancements has definitely made it easier for any company to reach potential clients in just a few clicks of a button or a swipe of a finger. The internet has opened businesses to a global scale without much effort. So in this way, construction companies have also benefited from such an innovation by making websites, creating much more captivating advertisements, and directly engaging with their clients without having to meet face to face. Clearly, digital improvements have also positively impacted marketing in more ways than one.

Most construction companies these days have adapted at least one of the digital innovations above in their line of work. More and more are joining the trend because they know just how these innovations are making their lives easier. It may take some time before you get used to this but trust the process and you’ll find yourself becoming a much more efficient contractor than you used to be.


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Thomas P
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