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Remodeling, renovating, and interior designing have some common grounds that are debatable. People often confuse all these as different names for the same process. However, every idea differs from the other.

Interior designing is not as simple as one could think about it. Different kinds of sites demand interior design, and the numerous variations make it challenging for designers. The two most striking areas are residential and commercial interior designing. The most prominent legend associated with both kinds is that they are almost the same. However, there are massive differences that are challenging for designers. Hence, call them two specializations, and only a handful of people pursue both.

Coping with the changing trends in interior design is not a piece of cake. The year 2020 fanned the flame of Biophilic home design while commercial designing focused on providing better employee benefits like gym and indoor games. The difference in residential and commercial design doesn’t restrict diverse trends, but many unbelievable challenges welcome you. Do you want to understand some of these differences? Here are a few fundamental differences that can give you a clearer view of commercial and residential interior design.


Do you honestly believe that designing a commercial and residential spot are the same? There is a vast difference in creating a living space and catering to commercial needs. Being an expert commercial design, you may get a project for designing a restaurant, café, or office space. On the contrary, being a pro in residential design will bring exhilarating challenges to creating the perfect home for a family. Here, you have to consider a spacious plan.


The scope of design revolves around creating design plans for commercial and residential buildings and their effective execution. It is a significant difference between residential and commercial interior design. For the residential sector, you have to focus on developing space for people to live. Planning kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms entirely in an apartment, private home, or condos is your target.

On the contrary, you consider corporate demands in commercial design. This design also deals with employee housing, and organizations require temporary home solutions for factory or field workers. In the US, almost all businesses prefer contract-based solutions with reputed firms. With added services of man camps and logistics, like oilfield housing solutions, companies remain in demand the whole year.


The number of sub-specialties is comparatively higher in commercial design than in residential. For example, designing a mall demands extreme effort considering the need for different stores and food court. On the other hand, the residential design does not need such actions since the fundamental requirements never change in homes.


During commercial interior design, experts have to take care of branding as well. When coming up with the building design, you have to take account of the business’s name. However, residential interior design is simple in this context, and you do not have to worry about ROI or brand name unless you are working on an apartment in a building.


About 85 percent of the buyers consider pictures to purchase their homes; therefore, real estate agents work closely on attracting potential buyers through virtual staging. During the designing process, you have to consider those virtually staged photos of the house or apartment to live up to the expectations. Commercial designing is free from the hassle since every organization has different requirements.


Being the interior designer of a residence brings many challenges for decorating the place. With changing client demands and trends, you must stay updated and provide top-notch details to their homes. When it comes to commercial décor, you have to think about business needs and design and decorate accordingly. Plantation, furniture, and equipment are entirely different, and the major differing areas.


For painting or changing an office’s colors, you generally go for white shades and sometimes gray. A few companies get their building painted in vibrant colors. Residential paint colors are entirely different. Some people like to choose vibrant colors like red or maroon, while some prefer shades of green. You never know what the customer wants, so you have to get fully equipped as well.


Interior designing is a complicated field, but people believe it to be a piece of cake. The two most striking areas of this sector are residential and commercial interior designing. Mega differences in both these areas have introduced two specializations in interior design. If you dig deeper, you will find out that the interior design is significantly different from a commercial site. The scope, design requirements, branding, and virtual staging are just a few to name. If you get in touch with a contractor, you will find many minor challenges that designers face. Whether you are planning on pursuing this degree or are willing to start your interior design business, make sure you choose one of the two major fields. Excelling and succeeding will be simpler for you.



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