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Top 4 Mistakes Real Estate Investors Should Avoid

Real estate investing has made a real boom in recent years, attracting more and more people to join the trend. However, in order to become a thriving real estate investor, one is expected to have the necessary knowledge of the local market, set the right goals, and be dedicated to complete them.

Many individuals fail in their attempt of becoming successful capitalists due to the lack of professional assistance, time, and patience.

These are the most common mistakes aspiring property investors should avoid.

Not doing research

One of the most common mistakes investors make is doing no extensive research prior to investing in a property. Both potential homeowners and landlords are supposed to go through a rigorous research process before making an offer. Keep in mind that the local real estate market is susceptible to constant changes, hence altering the value of houses and flats over time. Therefore, you should commence your buying journey by analyzing the current local market.

Furthermore, excluding the location of the estate from your research is unbeneficial, as the area in which it’ll be located plays a major role in its price, as well as the comfort and requirements of the residents. The neighborhood is supposed to provide the essential perks, transportation links, and safety to residents. Not conducting proper research may result in buying an estate in a problematic area, known for high pollution levels or problems with termites. Visit this page to check out the five vital factors of a good location.

Requesting no professional assistance

Another frequent mistake first-time property investors make is handling the entire process on their own. However, these investment projects take up plenty of time and patience, which most investors lack. Buying the right home or choosing the most profitable buy-to-let property requires a great deal of effort, more than just a few hours per week. Therefore, most first-time investors seal the wrong deals due to trying to balance their regular jobs and real estate investing.

Instead of doing everything on your own, make sure you hire the professional assistance of various experts. For instance, a realtor would help you buy the right home that fits your budget, whereas a home inspector would look for potential signs of deterioration. The assistance of an attorney would be useful in order to avoid potential legal issues along the way.

Setting no goals

In order for a property investment to yield positive results, the investors are expected to set either short-term or long-term goals. There’s no logic in investing in real estate without having any idea of what will happen after making the purchase.

Moreover, setting clear goals is particularly useful in the case of buying buy-to-let properties. Investors are required to come up with a property investment strategy in order to minimize risk and make a profit. For instance, you can’t expect to lease the flat you’ve purchased in the heart of town to families that look for low-noise areas. The same goes for investing in a house in the suburbs but rent it to students.

Overlooking maintenance and repair costs

Underestimating maintenance expenses is yet another common mistake real estate investors make. Even if the flat or house you purchase seems immaculate, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t maintain its condition. It’s paramount to allocate a minimum of two percent of its value for maintenance costs.

Keep in mind that ignoring the issues that have to be repaired is only going to result in higher repair costs. Therefore, make sure you repair even the minor issues to prevent them from evolving into costly defects.

In terms of maintenance, investors are supposed to ensure all household appliances function properly. Don’t forget that faulty appliances increase the cost of your monthly utility bills.

Prior to investing in real estate, you’re strongly advised to compose a list of the basic monthly maintenance expenses. Consequently, you’ll discover whether your budget will be enough to cover these costs. The following link,, reveals the approximate sum landlords are expected to allocate for monthly maintenance and repairs.

Bottom line

Never invest in a property unless you’ve researched the market, made the necessary calculations, and set long-term goals!


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