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The Necessity of Air Conditioning Maintenance in The Woodlands, TX

The average weather of The Woodlands indicates hot and oppressive summer days while the winter season brings in chilled days that do not last long. While homeowners tend to have their air conditioning units cleaned and in top-notch conditions for the approaching summer days, they tend to neglect these units in the freezing winter.

Air conditioners that are put to strenuous use after long periods of off-season stagnation, eventually develop minor internal issues, that over-time become costly repairs and cause more energy consumption, among several other such issues.

The Need For Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance, The Woodlands TX

Furnishing regular air conditioning maintenance for your HVAC unit ensures its good health even in the off-season. Additionally, the chances of your unit breaking down in crucial times are less likely to occur, thereby saving additional repair costs. 

A healthy unit consumes less energy and operates at its peak efficiency, saving you the stress of worrying over rising utility bills. 

Self-Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for a Better HVAC Experience

The cold winter days may not give you enough motivation to get up and perform minor maintenance checks on your air conditioning unit, but you are aware of the importance of carrying out this basic service. Here are a few simple maintenance tips to implement, by yourself, that will reduce your future troubles regarding the efficient operation of your HVAC unit.

Replace the air filters

The most easiest job to perform, replacing the dirty and clogged air filters will ensure a better quality of indoor air as well as reducing the general strain on the operations of the HVAC system. It is recommended to do this activity every 3 months. Certain factors like living in a neighborhood where some construction business is taking place or having pets requires you to change the filters every 2 months or so. 

There are several types of efficient air filters in the market that have an increased surface area for filtering the air, yet provide low resistance to airflow, thereby effectively managing sufficient amount of care for the environment and your HVAC unit.

Keep the vicinity of the unit free from vegetation and dust

The outdoor and indoor units are stationary equipment that work every day to filter the air in your home and provide a thermally comfortable atmosphere to live in. Ensure they do their job efficiently by regularly cleaning their surrounding areas.

The outdoor units usually get clogged with grass blades, bits of plastic or twigs and leaves from nearby trees. Clean the space around the outdoor unit on a regular basis, and if there is any vegetation in the immediate vicinity, clear it out to a limit, to maintain the airflow to the unit.

Indoor units, if large, are generally kept in the basements and a load of unused stuff is piled around it and left as storage. Dust buildup is a major cause of quick clogging of the indoor unit which you will realize once you get to cleaning out the in-housed coils. Ensure regular vacuuming around the indoor unit and keep the immediate vicinity free from any storage materials.

Clean the Condenser and Evaporator coils

 Usually, the outdoor unit houses the condenser coils while the indoor unit houses the evaporator coils. Again, dust build-up on the coils causes the components to consume more energy and operate with excess strain, which may prove harmful to the shelf-life of the other components present. Ensure the power is off before you gain access to the coils and carefully wipe them clean.

Clean the fan blades with caution

The fan blades situated on the exterior cover of the indoor and outdoor units also experience dust buildup. You should heed caution when cleaning these blades since bending them out of shape will eventually block the optimal air flow to the unit. There are certain tools that you can purchase and use to clean the fan blades.

Avail Professional Air Conditioning Service, The Woodlands TX

Homeowners generally rely on the local and family-referred technicians for any HVAC repair. Some of them even consult DIY internet hacks for quick repairs that do not last long. However, it is always recommended carrying out as much personal care for the AC unit by yourself and relying on professional air conditioning services for a comprehensive check-up of your unit. This combination work ensures the best air conditioning maintenance service you can provide for your unit.

Specialists in the field, like Crossway Mechanical, have years of experience in dealing with various technical and electrical issues related to HVAC systems. They are abreast with the changing technologies and upgrades as well as equipped with the ideal tools required to carry out convenient and clean repairs.

Professionals furnish high-quality servicing and efficient personalized solutions after doing a thorough home environment check to determine any external factors that may be affecting your HVAC health. You can always request a free consultation and a quote to compare prices with different professional services and gauge their intentions of aiding you with your troubles. 



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