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Moving With Pets: 5 Tips for Success

Sure, moving can be stressful for humans, but have you ever stopped to think how stressful the move may be for your pets? Pets get easily upset about changes in a home, so you can only imagine how confusing it is to be uprooted and moved to a different location.

Pets who are stressed and confused tend to act out, just like human children and adults do. While there’s no proven formula for making it easier on you and your companion animals during a move, here are a few tips you can follow to make it a little easier on all of you.



Keep your pup away from the action.

When you’re moving, the last thing you need is for your dog to be right under your feet. This not only makes it harder for you to get anything done, but it also puts more undue stress on your furry friend. For example, if you know you need to put stuff in storage before making a move, remember that seeing you put all your things in boxes can stress out your dog. Go ahead and search for cheap storage units in Orlando or any other city, but on the days that you pack up and move, arrange for your dog to stay with a friend or a family member they know and trust. They don’t need to be in the heart of the action.

Talk to your vet.

Whether you’re moving across town or long distance, if you plan to switch veterinarians, it’s important to ask your current vet to transfer any records ahead of time. Your vet can also give you advice on how best to keep your pet calm during the actual move. Another way to keep your animal calm is by using one of the pet CBD products available today. You can get the product for small-, medium-, and large-breed dogs. CBD also comes in treats, tinctures, oils, and other forms. It’s best to talk to your vet about CBD and your companion animal before using it, and to always follow the recommended dose for the size of the animal.


Plan your road trip ahead of time.

Many dogs don’t spend much time in cars, aside from trips to the vet, so it’s not unusual for a road trip to upset them. You need to plan your trip ahead of time to better manage your pet’s stress. For instance, think about how often you’ll need to stop for potty breaks, and whether there are dog parks or dog-friendly rest areas along the road to give your pet some exercise. Also, if you’re embarking on a multi-day road trip, you need to look for pet-friendly hotels or campsites and make reservations in advance.

The drive is one thing, but you also need to think about the mechanics of having your dog in the car for hours at a time, and how you plan on controlling them when you make pitstops. If you plan on crating your dog during the drive, it’s easier if you acclimate them to a crate before the actual move. Try to put your pooch in a crate for short periods of time each day leading up to moving day. Also, you’re also going to need a no pull dog harness for those times you stop for potty breaks and walks along the way. You’ll want a harness that’s high-quality and won’t break or pull against your arm and the dog’s body. Make sure the harness you choose is comfortable, yet snug enough to keep your pet safe. Taking the pup on short walks with the new harness ahead of moving day will help, as well.

Travel to your new home in your own car.

The move may be easier on your pets if you take them to your new home in your own car, especially if the car is a place they are used to. The familiarity will help to keep them calm.

Be patient.

The biggest thing you can do when it comes to moving to a new location with your companion animals is to have patience. You have to remember that to them, this whole experience is new.

These are just a few tips for moving with your furry friends. Remember that patience and love is essential to a successful move.


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