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In today’s era, people love following trends. Whether it is fashion, clothes, jewelry, shoes, or real estate – everyone wants the latest designs. All homeowners moving out and relocating to a new place are chasing after modern homes with contemporary architecture. While there is no accurate definition of modern architecture, it is all about using innovation and imagination to break the chain of conventional designs.

It comprises of building styles that look different from one another. Thanks to building material and new techniques since it makes contemporary architecture possible in the 21st century. Do you know the best part? These designs use recycled and natural materials while focusing on temperature-controlled buildings. If you are constructing your new home, this could be a valuable addition to your place.

Otherwise, if you move to a furnished home, change the style for a more contemporary look. After all, this architectural design is all about asymmetry, open floors, smart home technology, and landscapes. If you are clueless about it, have a look below. Here are simple ways to emulate contemporary architecture in your new home.

Refurbish Your Old Furniture

You might be tempted towards new furnishings and furniture, but the contemporary design doesn’t believe in coordinated décor. Hence, consider giving a little makeover to your old couch, side tables, dining table, and look for furniture moving companies to invite them over. After all, you can’t transport tables and sofas in your car. You can change sofa covers, add new cushions, or replace the dining table’s glass to bring back the shine of your exclusive pieces. Alongside being easy on pockets, the complementary furniture pieces will look far better than matching ones.

Replace Metals & Hardware

If the metals and hardware seem outdated or traditional, don’t mind replacing them. New places rely on the color and shape’s simplicity, meaning you have to ditch the extravagant designs. Look for subtle yet functional faucets for kitchen and bathrooms. Similarly, if doorknobs seem too bright or shiny, replace them with classic Manhattan lever ones, giving a sleek look. And for the door finishing, make a statement with brilliant chrome. Moreover, you can also change the cabinet and cupboard handles to align it with the house.

Cue in Modern Pieces

Since you are not spending on new furniture, you can use that money for some modern pieces. Contemporary architecture and carpets don’t go hand in hand, which means you have to leave them behind. Start making generous use of metal, opaque, and stones to decorate the room. Hang some mirrors in geometrical shapes and statement art pieces in standard colors. You can also invest in some decorative accents to dress up the side tables. At the same time, plants and flowers play a crucial role in this design. The floral blooms and lush green leaves freshen up space while enhancing the visual appeal. You can keep the arrangements neat with rocks over the soil in pots.

Integrate Technology

Do you know anything about the internet of things? Modern infrastructure is incomplete without a pinch of tech-savvy tools. Hence, consider integrating technology to live up to contemporary architecture standards. You can invest in smart lighting, giving you control of all the plugs through smartphones. A few clicks on the smartphone will let switching off and turn on the lights possible anywhere in the world. Similarly, you can invest in connected devices – instant pot, robotic vacuum cleaner, Google home, etc. These devices promote convenience while making the dream of a smart home come true.

Update Fittings & Fixtures

Similar to the designs of the past, detailing is an essential element of the contemporary architect. We are far past the era of dark interiors and small windows because the 21st is all about brighter architecture. Replace the ornate fixtures with pendant lights in the kitchen and get exotic chandeliers for the living room. Feel free to use spotlights to direct some light at the paintings or mirrors. It draws the eye to pieces you want people to see.

Also, don’t forget to include color or metallic elements in the fixtures to complete the contemporary look. Alongside exclusive chandeliers, you can invest in glass windows, skylights, and solar tubes to light up the place with sunshine.


Indeed, moving in spree can be challenging, creating a lot of clutter and mess in the new place. First of all, eliminate things you longer need because they only occupy space. After all, the area around your furnishings is as essential as the furniture. Hence, start decluttering to accomplish the goal of clean open space. Store all the necessary belongings in simple, yet attractive containers. Contemporary architecture resonates with clean, tidy, and clutter-free spaces. Whether it is your living room side table or kitchen countertops, keep it unoccupied.

Wrapping Up

The era of contemporary architecture began a few years back, and people can’t help themselves obsess over it. The delicate and stylish designs enhance the visual appeal of the house without compromising on functionality. It is perfect for relaxing with warm retreats, which every homeowner desires. With little tips and tricks, you can set up a home similar to contemporary design and enjoy its vibe.



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