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Common Issues with Washing Machines and How to Fix Them

Washing machines are a great addition to many homes, but as with any other appliance, they occasionally have problems. Common problems with your washing machine might range from water leaking all over your floor to the machine not spinning. In these cases, you need to identify the issues and know what actions to take.

The Machine Will Not Spin or Agitate

There are several reasons why your washing machine might not be spinning or agitating. Fortunately, this is usually simple enough to fix. The easiest thing to check is if the load is too large. An overloaded washing machine will become unbalanced and will not spin. This can also happen if the clothes are not distributed evenly inside the machine. For these issues, you just need to reduce the load or distribute it better.

There is a switch located inside the door that prevents the machine from spinning if the door is not shut. This is a safety precaution so you do not get injured when the machine is running, A faulty switch will do the same thing even when the door is closed so have a technician check if that is why your machine is not spinning.

If a foreign object blocks the drainpipe, the machine will also not spin. A simple way to know if this is the case is to listen for a low hum when you fill the washer with water.

The machine might also fail to spin if the belts it uses are too old and they break. If this is not the problem, then you need to check if the pulley system is working properly. If the pulley system seizes, it could break the belt and you would have two problems on your hands.

The Washer Leaking

While it is annoying when your washer leaks water all over the floor, this does not necessarily mean an expensive repair. In most cases, the fix is easy, or you need an inexpensive part.

If the washer leaks only during the spin cycle, your drainpipe could be the problem. In this case, check all drain hose connections and secure them, check for a cracked or damaged drain hose, and check if the drain hose is clogged or is cracked at the point where it connects to the washer. A cracked hose needs replacing but one that does not connect correctly just needs to be cut at the end and re-clamped.

The fill hose might also cause the leaks so check that it is in good shape and secured. Check if a rubber washer was included when the fill hose was put in place.

Lastly, check the water inlet valve for leaks. Leaks here can be caused by mineral deposits or rust inside the filter. The filter might also be faulty so it will need to be replaced with a similar water-inlet valve from a reliable supplier such as McCombs Supply Company. McCombs Supply Company supplies original replacement parts for all kinds of home appliances including washing machines, refrigerators, dryers, microwaves, and more. They have been in business for decades and with over a million SKUs in their system, you will find the replacement parts you need in their catalog.

The Machine Is Shaking and Moving

While this may be alarming to most, the solution for this is usually very simple. One common cause of this is if your floor is not level. This issue becomes worse during the wash cycles as the machine shakes and bangs a lot during these cycles. If the floor the machine is sitting on is uneven, the movement could be worse.

Another reason why this happens is the feet not being aligned properly. The feet should be properly positioned and adjusted so the washing machine sits level on the ground. Once you adjust the feet’s height using the lever provided, tighten the provided lock to ensure this height does not change.

Sometimes, this issue is caused by an unbalanced load. All you need to do is open the door and move the load around.

The Washer Makes Noise

In most cases, the washer will make some noise if there is a foreign object lodged somewhere in the system. A gurgling sound is almost always about water getting obstructed somewhere so check the drain line. Remove any blockages or straighten the pipe if it is bent.

Clicking sounds mean something solid is lodged inside the washer drain. This could be a coin or some other solid item. Check the drain and remove all solid items.

Humming or buzzing sounds often have to do with the pump or pulley systems. So, check to see if there is anything lodged in these systems and if they are working as they should. The pump can jam if a solid piece of an object gets inside it and if it does enough damage, you might have to get the pump repaired or replaced.


Washing machines can develop issues as they get older or if they are not used properly. Fortunately, many of these issues can be solved easily. For ones that need special attention, it would be best to call a professional to assess the issue and decide if you need repairs or to have some part(s) replaced.



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