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A Look at Custom Power Generation and Power System Generators

For most residential spaces, businesses and organizations as a whole, electricity is a crucial commodity that most people get from their utility grid. Occasionally, there might be a disruption in supply from the grid. What happens to your home or business at this time? Do you get to ride out the power loss, waiting till it is restored or do you go into panic mode?

Given how important power is to our world today as shown in this article, panic when faced with a disruption in the supply of this highly essential commodity can be excused by many. However, you do not need to experience any of this if you have taken the time to prepare for such an occurrence.

Sometimes, power outages are no one’s fault. It can be due to bad weather; windstorms, hurricanes, fire, and so on. You cannot tell how long an outage will last or the impact it will have. It may last for a day or more and during this anxious period of waiting for its restoration, you can appear practically helpless.

Lots of things can go wrong in this period of shut out and if you are not amply prepared, it can negatively impact your home or business. A good way to prepare ahead is by installing a backup or standby power system that you can rely on until the grid is restored.

One important backup system to have is a standby generator. You can use it as a form of custom power generation to supply electricity to your residence or office when there is a need to.

What are Standby Generators?

Generators, as their name suggest, are used to generate electricity especially in areas where power from the utility greed is not available, where there is a temporal need such as in case of a power outage. If you check, you’ll find that generators range in size and capacity and they can either be powered by gasoline, liquid propane, natural gas, or diesel. They can be temporary fixtures, meaning that they are either portable or mobile and can therefore be moved about, or they can be permanent and positioned in a place.

Generators also come in different designs as well as with different accessories. Standby generators for one are designed to take the stress off you in every way. They provide electricity within seconds of an outage so much so that you might not even notice the outage. This is because they are designed to sense when an outage occurs and then automatically come on without any human involvement. A transfer switch connected to it senses the lack of power and when there is a restoration of power, it shuts off the generator and switches back to the grid.

Standby generators can be used to provide backup for household appliances, HVAC systems, elevators, etc. They have external fuel tanks that can enable them to run for up to around 48 hours before there is a need for refueling. Asides refueling occasionally, the only other thing you may need to do is have it serviced and maintained which will not be all the time.

Where are Custom Power Systems Relevant?

There are many places where backup power systems are needed and basically indispensable. Some of these places include hospitals, airports and other places where they cannot afford not to have electricity. All these locations will not require the same kind of system. You will have an idea of how to determine which type is best for you when you read this article here:

Some other locations where having a backup power system may be crucial include:

  • High rise buildings
  • Private residences
  • Agriculture as on farms
  • In parking lots
  • Construction sites
  • Factories and manufacturing businesses
  • Television and radio stations
  • Cold rooms and so on.

Advantages of Backup Systems for Your Home and Business

Below are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy when you have the right backup power generation system installed.

It Ensures Your Life is Not Disrupted

Everyone loves to sleep soundly, warm and snug in the middle of a cold winter night with the heater keeping the house warm. There is also a need for the water heater for various activities such as bathing, cooking, washing, for laundry and so on. In summer, you need air conditioning working at full capacity.

For the kitchen, there is the refrigerator to preserve your food and fruits. You also will like to watch your favorite shows on TV and if you love sports, you do not want to miss your favorite team play if you can’t go to the stadium. For all of these, you need electricity and by having a source of custom power, your family is covered even during the longest of outages.

If you live in an area prone to hurricanes and tornadoes, thunderstorms, or any of such, then it is in your best interest to get a backup electrical system.

It Protects your Business

Most businesses have a need for electricity whether it is to power their computers and network systems, for their data centers, or for any other gadgets. As a business, you also need to power your security as well as your communications systems. You do not want a downtime that will disrupt your business operations so there is a need for you to get a standby generator installed in case there is a loss of electricity.

You can learn more about the importance of generators to your business here.


For any number of reasons, an electrical outage can occur and you might not know how long it will last. When it does, what happens to your home or business? How prepared are you for it? You should not wait till this happens before you prepare for it. Like you’ve seen in this article, installing a custom power generating system is all you need to keep your family and business covered in such a situation.


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