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5 Tips for Selling Your Home Yourself

If you have decided to put your house up for sale, you’ll probably find a real estate agent to do most of the work for you for a commission, often five or six percent of the selling price. But if you sell your home yourself, that money stays in your pocket. Selling on your own can be both emotionally involved and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. You can save the agent commission and a lot of hassle by checking out these tips before you get started.

1. Get your home appraised.


The first thing you want to do is find out how much your home is worth in today’s market and whether it has any serious flaws that need to be addressed. An appraisal usually costs between $300 and $450, but price can vary from market to market. An appraiser looks at everything, from the foundation of the home and the quality of the cabinetry to the house’s proximity to public schools, and issues a detailed report with his or her valuation of the home. It won’t tell you what the final selling price will, be as that is a market-driven decision. This process will, however, help you understand how to correctly price your home.

2. Research home-buying companies.



Now that you have an idea what your home is worth, you have to consider how long you might have to wait for your house to sell for close to price you are expecting. If your are in a hurry and would like the money from the sale right away, you should consider contacting Sellquick California or a similar company in your area.

If you live in California, Sellquick will make an offer on your home regardless of its condition. This will save you the stress and hassle of inspections, real-estate agents, commissions, and inspections. You will get an offer on your home within 30 minutes of a Sellquick representative completing a walk-through of the house.

You get to set the date when you want to close on the home sale and have the cash in your hands. Sellquick, with its sell my home fast Fresno approach, is what it says it is: a way to sell your home quickly, get money fast and avoid all the usual time-consuming hassles and headaches that can come with selling your home.

3. Spruce up your property.


If you still are determined to sell your home yourself, you will want to make it look as nice as possible and attend to any necessary repairs. A new paint job on the outside does wonders for making your home appealing to would-be buyers. House Beautiful offers an easy-to-follow guide on the affordable things you can do before putting the house up for sale.

One way to make your house feel welcoming and warm while keeping a classy feel to it is to leave some lovely artwork on the walls. Painting Loose can offer just what you need to create the desired ambiance. Amy Van Hoy is a talented artist who founded the Paint Loose company to share her two passions: painting and teaching. That’s right, Painting Loose offers the supplies for you to create your own art work. Amy’s painting tutorial might bring out you inner Monet and give you art to hang out the walls to wow potential buyers.

3. Invest in marketing.


You will likely need to get potential buyers’ attention the old-fashioned way first: putting a sign in the yard and advertising your home for sale in newspapers, on web sites and in other media. To do that, you want to have professionally done photographs of the house, inside and out, and a short but detailed write-up about the house’s main features. Be sure to include photographs of the kitchen, as many buyers are interested in one that is both functional and makes them feel they could be competing on Top Chef, even if they cannot cook at all.

4. Host an open house.


With your artwork up and ads out there, it is time to really go for the personal touch and open your house to would-be buyers. This is where your knowledge, charm and the way you present yourself may win you a sale. Weekends are naturally the best time to hold an open house. Post signs, put up balloons and hang up arrows around the neighborhood to tell the world (or at least people in your area) about the open house.

If you come off as too business-like you might drive away some people. Consider offering coffee, tea and cookies (napkins included) and even a little parting gift. As with much in life, in selling a house, it is often the little things that make the difference.

Selling your own home is absolutely doable. You can do it quickly by using Sellquick California or a similar company, or you can get an appraisal report, make the house look as good as you can afford to, market in the right media and hold an open house. Either way, you should see offers for your house come rolling in.


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