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5 Man Cave Essentials Every Guy Need

Planning and designing your man cave can be a bit of work. Sometimes, you will be overwhelmed with all the things you want to have in your man cave. Going about the process of building one can be stressful.

But here’s a tip, pick pieces that really speak and reflect your character, interests, or hobbies. In my case, I designated one cabinet for my guns and hunting collection since I’m fond of them. Also, I often visit Lunde Studio and find myself buying a new addition to my weaponry treasures. That’s what I’m focused on in building my display area.

From there, you can make up a specific vibe or theme of your man cave for that one hobby or sport that you really like. To help you with that, here is a list of essentials to get you started building your very own man cave.

1. The Ultimate Couch

It’s not just an ordinary couch. It is ‘the couch.’ Practically, this is where you sit down or lie down and play or watch live streams. You need the one that is most comfortable for your preference. A recliner couch, where you can adjust it into a mini-bed, is great to have. You can also have a rocking or massage chair if you want. You can also buy bean bags so that everyone feels chill and cozy when you have visitors around.

You really need to invest on a high-quality couch. Practically, you want something comfortable and durable, a sofa that will last you for years or decades, maybe.

2. Storage and Display Cabinets

I’ve got a few treasured items, and I like to display them somewhere in my own man cave. I want to call it ‘’treasure corner.’’ Having this little corner in your man cave reflects a bit of your character and personality. It’s a great conversation starter too, especially when you have friends or visitors around.

Depending on you, any sort of display storage will be sufficient to show off your collection of shoes, ps4 games, books, or marvel miniatures. I got two great cabinet humidors for cigars, toys, games, and hunting equipment.

Since we’re talking about storage, a fridge is a must-have. You can’t forget to buy one for yourself. Even a mini one will suffice, just enough to store some drinks. I also have separate storage for all my chips. If you prefer to keep all of your food in one place, that’s okay. But personally, I place chips in three different locations so I can easily grab one.

If you’re saving up space, there are coffee tables that already have room for extra storage and display. It’s cost-efficient and looks cool too. Just find the ones that go well with the design of your man cave.

3. Audio System

A man-cave has to have an audio system. Doesn’t matter if it’s just a hand JBL speaker or a full-on audio system with that DJ stuff. As long as you have one, it’s enough. Get yourself a high-quality audio system or speakers. If you’re on a tight budget, a small one from brands like JBL or Bose is enough to get the whole room blasted.

4. TV

Smart TV will be perfect. This is also one of the things that you need to invest in. It’s a lot easier with a smart TV to connect to the Internet since it’s built like that. You can watch Netflix, YouTube, and stream games too. You also need one to connect to your gaming consoles for your PS4 and alike.

A 32-inch TV will be alright, in my opinion. But if you want to upgrade and go for bigger screens or get the curved ones, go for it! That would really look cool and adds up more character to your man cave.

5. Games

Video games are cool but having other games like board games and cards are great to have. Here are some of the fun ones you can check out:

  • Jenga
  • Uno
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Monopoly
  • Taboo
  • Azul
  • Trivial Pursuit

You can also have a mini billiard table around a corner or have a darts board set-up unto your wall. There are also those vintage arcade game consoles we used to play when we were kids. They’re quite expensive, but it never hurts to have one in your man cave if you’re into those vintage games.

How you design and build your man cave solely depends on your preference. Just a tip, choose pieces that resemble your character and personality. That way, your man cave will look unique, and you’ll be comfortable living in it.



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