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Our houses are undoubtedly an escape haven from all the chaos of the world, but at some times, we realize that they lack a surreal look and tranquility. With constant use and passage of time, different items in the house wear out, which does not look pleasing to the eye. Revamping the space is a brilliant idea as it gives you an opportunity of decorating the home.

Renovation is a play of mind, and it is neither bound to limits nor does it follow any rules. The process is all about innovation, and you can try different home improvement ideas to add grandeur to your house. A smart way of upgrading is to make use of every inch and make it more functional. Besides, revamping provides you with a chance to carry out repair and maintenance.

The contemporary world offers a plethora of options, and the Internet also gives you several home improvement ideas. Some common ways of updating your house include changing the paint of one wall, incorporating different colors in one room, or rearranging pieces of furniture to provide the area with a fresh feel. But these are some overly done ideas. Usually, people want to incorporate new ideas that will make their homes stand out. The process of upgrading a house with quirky ideas is challenging and requires earnest efforts, but it is doable.

Below we are listing some creative ideas that will give your home a brilliant yet unique makeover:

  1. Customized Walls

A contrast wall in the room makes it prominent and makes the room appear chic. Although it seems alluring, the idea is old, and over the years many people have tried it. To upgrade your home, you can have a contrast wall and then adorn it with unique frames. It is an excellent way of bringing your personality to your home. Hanging your child’s artwork, a favorite painting, or some family photographs may give the room a personal touch, but it is a regular pattern. Another way of accessorizing the wall is by displaying cards that hold sentimental value or some pieces of writing that speak to you.

Often, a place holds a special significance, and people want to give that place some space in their house. Displaying souvenirs is a good idea but not a unique one. A quirky way of showing your affection is by hanging a map art on the prominent wall. The map in a frame will appear sleek and give the walls an appealing look. The map will also become a focal point and will add some opulence to your dull space.

  1. Skylight

It is no news that sunlight has innumerable benefits, and houses that do not get natural light give a feeling of suffocation. An excellent way of paving the way for natural light in your home is to install skylight options. Different options provide you with control, and if you feel that the sun rays are harsh, you can dim it down. Contrary to popular belief, skylights and roof windows are two distinctive things, as the former is more versatile. Lights offer some control to the residents and come with various installation options. Installing skylights in your home will add an oomph factor and save you some bucks in the electricity bill.

  1. Foyer

The entrance should have welcoming elements as it creates the first impression.  You can put a planter as plants have the in-built quality of freshening up space.  Some wall hangings with warm welcome quotes will also send a great message about you as a host. A classy chandelier or vibrant paintings on the walls are some great ways of decorating an entryway. Many people tend to put a shoe rack, and if you must, you can get a customized built-in cabinet and paint the door of it. The recessed cabinet will give the foyer a sleek look, and decorative pieces will reflect your personality. Moreover, you can place a cage of birds or hang wind chimes to give your entrance some pleasing effect.

  1. Multi-Functional Furniture

Your home should accumulate all the things that you need, but it should not clutter up space. In the modern world, a vast majority lives in compact homes. Two-in one kinds of furniture pieces are ideal for small spaces. Besides, having minimal yet functional items of furniture adds grandeur to the overall look of the house. Place the dining table in the center where you can also use it for other purposes. Convertible sofas, tables with drawers, and versatile coffee tables are a few examples of multi-functional furniture, which gives your house a minimalistic yet luxurious touch.

  1. Accessorize with Interesting Items

A house needs various accessories, and instead of sticking to one theme, you can have a mix of different items. Use distinctive textiles for your throw pillows and rugs. You can put some vintage and a few modern showpieces on the shelves to give your house a distinct feel. An exciting way of accessorizing your space is to decorate your nightstand with a variety of things. Put some small sculptures, scented candles, and distinctive bows altogether on a shelf. Your house should have shades of your personality, and you should decorate it with things that appeal to you. For instance, if you are a bibliophile, you can have book racks, and quotes displayed, while someone fond of gardening would appreciate hanging planters. Accessories tell a lot about yourself, and renovation is an ideal time to add some new items.



People revamp their house for different reasons, but once they have accomplished the task of renovation, they feel a sense of pride. Changing the flooring or ceiling, or upgrading a bathroom or kitchen are common home improvement ideas. If you want to give your dwelling an eccentric feeling, you need to think out of the box and try some unique ideas. No need to follow any rule while updating your home as it is a personal space, and it should have the elements of your taste. Revamping a house is an exhausting yet an enjoyable process, but if you put your heart and soul in it, the results make all the hard work worthwhile.


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