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Easy ways to create a guest room to impress

Easy ways to create a guest room to impress

When guests come round, you might be wanting to offer them more than the sofa in your study. Instead, we have some great tips on how you transform your spare rooms into the ultimate guest room which is sure to impress.


Firstly, you should have a proper bed ideally – especially if you’re inviting elderly relatives around. A double is recommended as it means couples won’t have to decide who gets the floor. A divan bed is a great option as it will give your guests space to store their belongings – or you to store the items that might normally ‘live’ in this room. Depending on the size of the room, you can get ones from Divan Beds Centre which have either tradition drawers or sliding storage. Once you’ve chosen the bed, be sure to invest in a comfy mattress, or to save money, invest in a topper for your current mattress which can enhance comfort.

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The bedding you put on your bed is key to making the right impression. Invest in quality bedding – soft Egyptian cotton is always a favourite – and ensure it has been cleaned fresh for your guests’ arrival. In terms of pillows, more is better as your guests can decide how many they want. Have four pillows (two for each side), add some scatter cushions and pop a throw on the end of the bed to complete the look.


Your guests may bring their own toiletries – you’re not running a hotel, of course. However, these are the little details which will not go unnoticed, especially if you’re out to impress. Have a little basket on a shelf in the room for them which includes:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Toothpaste
  • Shower gel
  • Towels
  • Paracetamol.


In the room, you want another little basket – similar to the one for the toiletries. In this, include little extras which they can enjoy during their stay with you.

  • Snacks: Chocolate, sweets popcorn, crisps
  • Drinks: Water, fizzy drinks or alcohol (if appropriate)

When deciding what to put in these baskets, really consider what they like. Items tailored to the individual taste of the guests will go down a treat.


Does the room have any entertainment for the guests? This could be a television with satellite, or even just a DVD player and selection of films. If you don’t have a television in the room, you could have a streaming service or movies on a tablet which they can use during their stay.

Finishing touches

You want them to feel at home and comfy when they walk into their room. Add some fresh flowers or a plant to a bedside table and light a candle so the room smells lovely. As a tip, be sure not to leave any of your things in the room. If, for example, there’s a wardrobe in the room, keep space in that free for your guests to use.

Creating a guest room which is sure to impress doesn’t need to cost an arm and leg. Little touches will go a long way to ensure your guests have a wonderful time staying with you.


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