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3 Questions to Ask Your Roofer Before Starting a New Project

Many homeowners and business owners dread the day when they’ll need to get a new roof, but it doesn’t need to be a painful experience. With the right roofing company, you can have a beautiful new roof without any hassle, but there are plenty of factors to consider when deciding what to do with your roof. Qualified professionals can help you understand what your home or business needs and what will fit your budget. When it’s time to start a new roofing project, here are the three most important questions to ask your roofing contractor.

Who exactly will be doing the work?

With any home or business improvement project, you want to know who will be doing the work. You might have an amazing meeting with the head of the roofing company, but then on the first day of the project, you learn that someone else will be doing the actual work. Ask to meet who will be there completing the project before you hire the company. You want to make sure that the person (and his or her team) is equipped to finish the task. You’ll also want to ensure that you’re comfortable with him or her. Whether you’re looking for someone to put a new roof on your home or to finish commercial roofing Denver co, make sure you know who’s doing the work and when.

Can you give me a breakdown of each expense?

A quality roofing company will give you a breakdown of every expense you’ll need to pay. Not only will this help you understand what the final cost will be, but it will also help you know what you’re paying for. Ask the contractor to explain each cost and why it’s important. He or she should be able to articulate the expenses, as well as the different options. By going through the breakdown, you and your contractor might realize you don’t need a certain type of shingle or trim. It might seem scary to see all the costs in front of you, but it’ll help you know that you’re getting what you’re paying for and that your contractor understands what you’re being charged.

Can you explain the materials and systems being used to me?

You can’t know everything about every industry. When you take your car to the shop, you might not know exactly what work they’re doing, but you usually can tell enough to know when you need to buy a new set of tires and when you can wait a little longer. Not everyone is familiar with roofing. Ask your roofing contractor to explain the materials and systems being used. Have them go through what your roof is currently made of and what they will do to replace those materials. You might need to do a little research yourself to be familiar with the terms your roofer is using, but it will be worth it when they explain the shingle material they’ll be using and you understand. You’ll also want to know the exact process they’ll be using. Will the roofer be laying shingles on top of the old ones or replacing the old ones entirely? Replacing the old shingles will make your new roof more stable, but it will most likely cost more. Get a thorough understanding of what you’re paying for and you’ll know exactly what’s going on.

Don’t be afraid to ask potential roofing contractors questions. You should feel comfortable with the roofing crew, the cost, and the details of the project. Residential customers want to know that their roofs will last and business owners want to trust that they’re putting their money to good use. Asking a few questions will help you ensure you’re starting on a great project together.


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