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When Should You Phone Portland, OR Air Conditioning Repairs Services?

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Since the invention of air conditioners, our lives have changed for the better. It keeps us warm during the winter, and cool during the hot summer. One thing is for sure, when your AC is broken or not working well like it used to, it can really make us feel uncomfortable in our own homes.


If you don’t want to be left high and dry with a broken device in the middle of icy winter or scorching hot summer, then you need to be aware of any signs of trouble.


To help you identify problems with your AC before it gets out of hand from repair, we’ve conducted a list of all the signs you have to look out for.



When your AC unit discards a strange smell, especially a scent that resembles something that burns, you need to phone a professional. A strange smell can indicate that something, perhaps a little critter, has found their way into the unit and is now affecting the way it works.



Most ACs have a fan function that enables the device to move air around the room. This happens only when air can flow through the unit. When you notice that there is a little or no air leaving the unit, then it might need repair.

Different types of designs have different airflow methods. Make sure you know where your unit gets its air from to ensure that it’s not blocked. Learn more about different types of air conditioners here:


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It’s normal for an air conditioner to have a few droplets of water at the opening. Especially when it is in high intense cooling mode. When your AC is dripping liters of water throughout the night, then you should get it checked out.

This could mean that there’s a burst in one of the pipes or that there’s a serious leak somewhere else in the unit.



When your air conditioner is suddenly not creating any cold air, then there’s something wrong. Check the thermostat first, if it’s set on a low temperature then your unit needs repairs for it to work at its optimum capacity.

This goes for hot air as well. Some units stop creating warm air to heat up a room when there are a few issues within the unit itself.


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Most modern air conditioners create almost no sound because of more modern technology like two-stage compressors and sound-dampening system which keep the noise level below 50-55 decibels.

Older models are prone to start rattling because of some loose parts inside the unit. When it creates banging or clacking noises, then some of the parts might be worn out or broken.



Many people have reported spikes in their electricity bills when their ACs are broken. When your air conditioner is pushing up the power bill, then you need to get it checked out. Investing in an energy efficient unit that’s more eco friendly will also be a great option to consider.



Thermostats are designed to control the temperature of the air conditioner. If your AC isn’t reaching the degrees that the thermostat is set to, then you need to get it checked out.


Neglecting to get any of the above signs checked out by professional technicians like Portland OR AC repair – Apex Air, can cause more serious problems in the future. Repairing a minor problem now will cost you much less than repairing the entire unit or even buying a new one.



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