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Top 5 Reasons To Use A Mini Excavator For Your Landscaping Needs

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Mini excavators are wheeled or tracked vehicles that have many uses on construction sites. Weighing a maximum of 8 tons, mini excavators come in different weights and sizes, depending on the tasks one wants to complete.

Commonly known as small or compact excavators, mini excavators come with the conventional components of ordinary excavators but in smaller sizes. As such, they have the unique advantage of working in small spaces. Mini excavators are mostly used for material handling, light demo, stump removal, landscaping, and construction projects.

If you’re planning a landscaping project, a mini excavator will come in handy. Here are 5 significant reasons why:

1. You Need to Excavate Tight Access Areas

Mini excavators are basically a small version of the standard excavator. They have the same power and features, which make excavation much safer and more effective. This makes them ideal for landscapers because, with their size, mini excavators can access areas that standard excavators cannot reach. When delivering a landscaping project, you can use mini excavators to move in tight access areas like backyards that have space restrictions.

2. You Want A Cost-Effective Option

If you’re looking for a cost-effective excavation option, a mini excavator is your best option. The excavators are energy-efficient. Their power consumption ranges between 10 and 40 kilowatts, which means they use less power compared to standard excavators. This makes them cheaper to use, which also means that they emit less carbon into the air.

Mini excavators are also easier to move from one area to another than other bulky machines. You can transport them without hassle because they can fit on a pickup bed or trailer. This makes them more cost-effective to use in landscaping projects because you save on transportation expenses.

3. You Need To Do More Than Excavate

Landscaping projects require you to do more than just excavating the ground. A mini excavator is an important equipment to use in your project because it enables you to do a wide range of activities. These include digging ditches, holes, and ponds that you might need to successfully implement the project.

You can also use it to clear spaces by demolishing sheds, concrete or small structures. If you need to create drainage or utility trenches and fill them up, flatten landscapes or remove tree stumps, a mini excavator can do it all. Since it’s lighter than standard excavators, mini excavators are less likely to cause damage to structures and surfaces during landscaping.

4. You Need To Use Different Attachments

Landscaping jobs may require you to use different equipment to complete. The beauty of using a mini excavator to complete the jobs is that it’s designed to work with different attachment options. Some attachments that are available on mini excavators include buckets, augers, compaction wheels, thumbs, plates, hammers, rakes, and rippers.

In landscaping projects, these attachments come in handy in clearing spaces, excavating grounds, leveling them, and much more. When you choose to use a mini extractor, you can fix the attachment you need for different stages of the project. Mini extractors are also easy to maintain. For instance, you can easily replace old mini excavator rubber tracks with new ones because they’re readily available in the market.

5. You’re Working In A Residential Area

If you’re doing a landscaping job in a residential area, you want to use an excavator that makes minimal noise. Your best bet for such an excavator is a mini excavator. Compared to other heavy-duty equipment, these excavators are quieter and more ideal for residential settings. They are also eco-friendly and cause minimal damage to structures and exteriors. You can learn more @ Fortis Tracks.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re doing a landscaping project and don’t want to use a full-size excavator, a mini excavator is your best alternative. Don’t underestimate their performance because of their size—these mini diggers are designed to deliver high performance similar to what you get from standard excavators. Their high versatility enables you to get all kinds of tasks done around a landscaping site, from digging your trenches, filling them up, demolishing structures, and even flattening the site.

The greatest advantage these excavators have over large diggers is that they are smaller in size and lighter. This means you can move them from one site to another with ease and access areas that have limited spaces like homes and parking lots. With all the benefits discussed above, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider using a mini excavator in your next landscaping project.



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