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How to check if your roof is in good condition?

Roof repair

Normally roofs are the elements that are exposed to external agents, natural ones (wind, rain) or built ones. Roofs are a very important part of your home because they are the ones that protect the inside of the house. They also improve the final look of the house according to the personal taste of the owner.

You need to make sure every now and then that your roof is in good conditions, considering that it will be way more expensive if you need roof repair than if you can anticipate the problem.

Photos taken on several residential construction sites which use fall arrest systems in Phoenix, AZ over a week in August 2012

How to check if your roof is in good condition?

The materials that form the roof are the main issue here, then we can exterminate the condition of our roof dividing it in:

  • Interior roofs
  • Exterior roof

Interior roofs

Usually roofs are covered with a protective layer of gypsum, but we can also find roofs made of wood or some other materials. Each material requires its own care, but there are some advice that you can keep in mind.

Al least to or three times a year it is very recommendable and you want to make attention to the more sensitive zones, such as windows’ corners, skylights or parts where the pipes go through. This will allow you to anticipate any leak and the resulting problem with a much more difficult solution.

Exterior roof

In this case, the process can change depending on the materials that form the roof. Normally, the roof is made of tiles, so the only thing to do is check which ones of them have imperfections and substitute them. It is also very important to change frequently the roof and the drainage canal, by only doing this we are preventing that many other problems arise, causing a much worse impact in our houses and our wallet.

If your rook is made of wood, then you will have to evaluate the humidity conditions or the weather and apply in this material the correct products to fix it depending on the conditions that we have in the zone that we live.

For all this reasons it is important to contact with an expert that is familiar with this situations and will perfectly evaluate the state of your roof. If you find any change in it, no matter how small it is, the Smart thing to do is to call a professional, because your home is not something you want to risk.

Advice in case you decide to fix your roof yourself

If the part of the roof that you want to change has more than a 30º angle, don’t do it, call a professional, it will be too much trouble and you probably would end up doing it wrong or in the worst case, hurting yourself!

If you think you can handle it and decide to do it anyway, make sure you have a safe stair and when you use it, leave it over a safe base.

Don’t work near wires or when it is raining.



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