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Food Tourism – The Places to Visit In the US If You Are a Foodie

Culinary or food tourism is a type of tourism that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Here is a rundown of some of the best-rated tourist destinations in the USA that you can visit if you want to get a taste of the best culinary experiences out there!


New Orleans

If you are in New Orleans, there are plenty of food tours that you can sign up for. This city is famous for numerous dishes such as gumbo, pompano, crawfish etouffee, jambalaya, beignets, and many others.




The cuisine of New Orleans has a lot to offer from a culinary point of view as it is highly influenced by soul food, Cajun and Creole cuisine. What is more, the city has an amazing architecture and it is packed with numerous tourist destinations for you to try.

If you find yourself in love with some of the dishes that you find here, visit Competitiondining to stock up on all the food equipment that you need to recreate the savory foods that you love in the comfort of your home!


New York City

Apart from being one of the most impressive cities in the world, New York City is also the place to be if you want to try new culinary experiences. Some of the must-have dishes that you should not neglect to try here are clam chowder, corned beef, baked pretzels, as well as the famous New York-style pizza, pastrami, ice cream or cheesecake.

If you do not have a friend that can play the food guide for you, you can always opt for one of the numerous food tours that the city has to offer. This way, you can be sure that you won’t miss anything memorable!


San Francisco

San Francisco is also another city known for the amazing culinary experiences that it can deliver. If you drop by, be sure to try Joe’s Special, a traditional dish created in 1932 that is made up of eggs, ground beef, mushrooms, spinach, and onions.

Some other must-tries are the Hangtown Fry and It’s It (a delicious sweet treat). Given the versatility of the food made here, one of the biggest reasons why tourists choose to go to San Francisco are the restaurants the city has to offer. Many of them have been featured on popular reality TV shows.

Even more impressive, statistically speaking, San Francisco is one of the cities with the most places to eat in the US per capita.



Nashville is much more than the city of country music. Some of the most iconic foods that you can try here are the pulled pork sandwich, fried catfish, or smoked ribs. Of course, no meal is complete without a tall glass of sweet tea!

If you can, it is recommended that you also go to a brunch restaurant and that you visit one of the oldest bars in town where you can listen to some good tunes and have a cold cheap beer.



The one thing that you should not miss if you go to Chicago is its famous deep-dish pizza, a type of thick pizza that is layered with tons of cheeses and that has various fillings, including meat and vegetables.


Additionally, the city is known for its jibarito sandwich, the Chicago barbeque, pizza puffs, flaming saganaki, a Greek recipe, and, of course, the traditional by now rainbow cone that was invented in 1926.

Other cities that you might want to add to your list if you are looking for a memorable culinary experience in the USA are Los Angeles, Charleston, Seattle, Houston, Portland, Austin, and San Diego.



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