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8 Cost-Effective Ways To Refresh Your Living Room on Any Budget


The living room is named exactly that for a very good reason. It’s simply one of the most “lived in” rooms in the home, so it only makes sense to create a living space that’s fresh, vibrant and homely.



When it comes to laying out your hard-earned cash on a living room upgrade, it can be hard to prioritize. New rug or a new sofa? Fresh paint and TV upgrade, or built-in media wall? It can be difficult to make choices.


Let’s take a look at some cost-effective ways to breathe new life into your living room on any budget.


#1 – Make a Plan and a Budget First

You might have a small budget to work with or a large one. Either way, you’ll first want to map out what you want to do with your living room and allocate a portion of your budget to each purchase.

For example, if part of the plan is to purchase a sofa bed, how much can you spend on that new sofa?

This budget will keep you focused and on track with your living room makeover so you don’t overspend in one area and leave the budget short of funds to complete everything on your list.


#2 – Revamp Your Floor Coverings

This step doesn’t necessarily require you to redo the entire floor. Regardless of whether your living room floor is carpeted, tiled or made from timber, simply adding a rug or changing an existing floor rug can add a whole new look to the room.

A patterned rug is very eye-catching and could very well become the room’s showpiece.


#3 – Nothing Refreshes Like New Paint

It’s only one room, so a repaint is not a massive undertaking. Neutral colours always work best because they go with everything, but there’s nothing stopping you from painting one wall an accent colour to really make a statement.

Alternatively, you could cover one wall with wallpaper. These days there are some fantastic choices of colours, patterns, textures and even full-blown scenes like a beach or rainforest.


#4 – Switch Out Those Sliding Glass Doors

While sliding glass doors are great and very practical, they are also extremely commonplace. There’s nothing particularly special about them and maybe your patio doors have seen better days anyway.

Switch them out with bi-fold doors instead. Not only does this style look very unique and cool, but bi-fold doors are also extremely practical and make a statement. When you open them they fold up. One huge advantage is you can open the doors completely, unlike sliding glass doors.

To find a supplier in your area, go online and do a search. As a quick example, if you’re in Sydney, search for bifold doors Sydney for some options near you.


#5 – Have Your Furniture Professionally Cleaned

Living room furniture gets a lot of use. No matter what your sofa or chairs are covered with, having the furniture professionally cleaned occasionally will bring it up like new. It will smell really fresh as well, adding to the revamped atmosphere of your living area.


#6 – Simply Rearrange Your Space

It’s like that old saying, “A change is as good as a holiday”. Simply rearranging your living room into a new furniture design can make the space appear completely different. Best of all, this approach doesn’t have to cost you a cent.


#7 – Add Reflective Surfaces For An Elegant Look

Glass and mirrors are very timeless in design. Glass never goes out of style. A simple way to change the look and feel of your living room is to attach one or more mirrors to the walls (which also makes the room appear larger) and change out the coffee table and side tables with ones that have glass tops.

Glass is very easy to clean and always looks elegant and classy.


#8 – Add Some Accent Colours

These could be throw rugs on the backs of the chairs or cushions for the lounge. Any accent colour could be used, but it’ll work better if the predominant colour matches some other colours in the room, such as the floor covering, floor rug, blinds, curtains and so on.

A splash of colour in a mostly neutral room is extremely eye-catching.



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