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Why Go Solar? 5 Key Reasons for Homeowners

Are you wondering why go solar? If yes, you should click here for our list of benefits and reasons for going solar at home.


Renewable electricity powered by solar energy is projected to grow by 50% within the next five years. The cost of solar installation has also been dropping drastically over the last few years.

From eco-friendliness to cost-effectiveness, the benefits of going solar are unbeatable. Many homeowners go for solar due to the personal, environmental, and economic impacts.  One of the most significant expenses you might have to make every month is in your heating system. Thus, it’s essential to know how solar hot water systems work, how much you can benefit from them, and all the advantages that come with them.

Why go solar? Here’s a list of benefits that you’ll get.


  1. Cost-Effectiveness 

Cost-saving is arguably one of the main benefits of installing solar in your home. While one might argue that purchasing and installing solar is expensive, the incentives and utility bill savings you’ll get are worth the sacrifice. Besides, the growing competition has reduced the cost considerably.

At a time when the average cost of electricity from the traditional grid is going up, going solar could be the best alternative for cheap energy. If you’re wondering why solar, the savings should prompt you to make the transition.


  1. Energy Security 

Going solar will guarantee your energy security. You don’t have to worry about your electric grid going down as your panel will still be operational. Solar gives you confidence as you’re not worried about rising rates, which isn’t surprising with most utility companies.

If you want to get the most out of your new investment, get the right size of the solar system. You can read more about how to choose the right sized solar power system. You’ll be glad you did.


  1. Solar Is Environmentally Friendly

The traditional ways of generating energy have adverse impacts on the environment. These fossil fuels have been emitting harmful gases that pollute the air. Consequently, people are exposed to a range of health effects, such as heart disease.

Why go solar? Well, the environmental friendliness of solar energy should be a motivating factor. Solar is carbon neutral and clean. You won’t put the environment at risk of climate change or air pollution.


  1. Solar Increases a Home’s Value 

Do solar panels increase home value? Yes, they do! Zillow conducted a recent survey and found out that solar panels increase the value of a home by 4.1%.

You’ll enjoy the amazing benefits of solar power and still reap big when you decide to sell your house. What’s more, you’ll sell your home faster than properties without solar. Potential homebuyers are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of going solar, and they won’t settle for anything less.


  1. The Longevity of Solar Panels

In the past, solar panels had a warranty of fewer than 15 years.

However, the development in the field has made the warranties increase to up to 30 years. The end of the warranty doesn’t mean that the solar will start malfunctioning; it only reduces its efficiency.


Why Go Solar? These Benefits Should Encourage You to Make the Transition 

Why go solar? The benefits of solar are undeniable. If you have been debating about going solar, it’s probably time to make the move. The upsides of solar energy supersede any other form of energy.


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