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Spending Too Much on Bills? Here are 5 Ways to Conserve Electricity

Maybe it’s summertime in your area, and your air conditioning units are cranked up. Perhaps you are trying not to freeze during winter, so your heaters are on all day. You turn all these devices on at home for the best of your comfort, right?



Yes, of course, no doubt in that. But then, the bills come, and your jaw drops. You realise just how much electricity you are using and now, you have to pay for it.  There go your savings. But don’t worry! Several tips from a professional electrician can help solve this mini problem. Here are five ways to conserve electricity and save money.



Going all-natural

You don’t need to have your lights on for 24/7. Neither do your heaters nor air conditioners have to be running without rest. Open your blinds and let the sunlight come into your house. You can open your windows to feel the breeze and lessen the heat inside your home, or close them when the cold is too much. These are small things you can do to ditch flicking that switch on and save yourself some money.



Recreational activities

During your spare time, you don’t always have to spend it on your computers, phones or smart TV. Sure, watching movies and reading blogs online is a great way to relax and is undeniably convenient. However, activities like these usually last for hours which means that you continuously use electricity in the whole duration. Instead of this, a great way to spend your time is through recreational activities like drawing in your sketch pad or playing board games with your significant other.




Sure, clicking that power button on your remote seems to do the job. Or maybe, you think that detaching your phone from its charger is enough to stop that electricity flowing. However, appliances and other power supplies continue to draw and consume electricity, even when they are not running. That’s because you left them plugged. Despite not being in use, these devices still spend energy and in turn, cost you money! Unplugging is simple yet effective in helping save both electricity and money.



Rethinking your laundry

Of course, washing your clothes is a necessity – a tedious one. And with it being a long process, using just as many appliances is inevitable. You have to run the washing machine a couple of times to ensure that you have used your laundry detergent efficiently. You also have to rinse the suds off. After that, the chore is still not done. You still need to put them in the drier! So many steps, so much electricity consumed. To remedy this problem, you can opt to do small things like limiting the number of times you do your laundry per week. Or maybe you can hang your clothes dry if you are not in a rush to wear them. Efforts like these are also applicable in washing your dishes, cooking and using the refrigerator.



Checking the wires

Your efforts will hardly matter if your wiring systems don’t serve you well. Even if you purchase energy-efficient appliances, not regularly checking your wires may still lead to overconsumption of electricity. This may lead to either hiked bills or worse, overloaded circuits – a hazard. For this matter, you should consult with your electrician. He or she will help you figure out how best to utilise your wiring systems concerning your usage of electricity.



These are the five simple things you can do to conserve electricity. Doing these things means that you are also helping yourself from shouldering the costs of all these activities. While staying comfortable inside your home is essential, you should consider that this is possible without wasting energy and spending too much on your bills.


Helen Harry
Helen Harry is a freelance writer and a GOT fan. Apart from writing Technologies, she likes to read & write fiction. More than anything, she loves to spend her time with her family, explaining technologies to the elders.

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