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How to Pick Out the Best Mattress for You

A mattress is perhaps one of the hardest products to pick out, primarily because it should be highly personalized to cater to your comfort. There is no one mattress that’s suitable for all body types and sleeping preferences. So to make the buying process easier, here are the basic factors you need to consider for finding the best mattress for you:


Do you really need a new mattress? Before you buy a new one, consider first if your existing mattress has reached the end of its average lifespan. While seven to eight years is a general estimate, it still depends on the quality and material of the mattress.

Nevertheless, if you’re waking up in pain or you just don’t feel well-rested despite sleeping through the night, that’s a tell-tale sign to replace your old mattress.

Mattress Type

This is one of the most important deciding factors of choosing the right mattress. The material tells a lot about how comfortable it is and what issues it addresses as well.


Coils are the most traditional form of mattress, but it’s still around today because of its benefits. Since the springs are made from different types of metals, these mattresses are super durable and can last for decades. Also, the springs allow for better airflow to give you a cooler night’s sleep. Overall, coil mattresses are best for those who want durability, a great bounce, and a cooler feel.


Latex mattresses are extremely popular for those who prefer cooling and comfort. It’s ideal for sleepers who want foam but are not fans of the body-hugging feel that memory foams have. Latex is also very responsive, making it extra comfortable.

Memory Foam

Just pressing your hand into memory foam will immediately let you know why many people find it appealing. For purposes of support, pressure relief, and body contouring, memory foam does the job well.


A hybrid mattress is essentially a combination of a coil mattress and memory foam. So, this material is good for those who want contouring plus spring support.


The main advantage of an air mattress is that it allows for custom firmness. So whether you want a firm mattress or a softer mattress, you have the freedom to change it up as you please. This makes it great for people who need back support or those who have joint pains.


While not one of the conventional options, a waterbed provides relief for sleepers with backache, arthritis, and allergies. It’s also great for anyone who wants to veer away from traditional mattress types.


Pillow-top mattresses are essentially latex, coil, or memory foam but topped with a soft material. It’s great for those who prefer an extra layer of comfort when they sleep.

Sleeping Position

We all have our own preferences when it comes to sleeping positions. Some of us are side sleepers, stomach sleepers, or back sleepers.

For side sleepers, it’s best to choose a mattress with a soft to medium-level firmness because you need something softer for contouring the body’s curves. As for back sleepers, pick out a firmer mattress to properly support the spine. Lastly, stomach sleepers should choose a mattress that equally supports the entire body so you’re as flat as possible while you sleep.


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