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How to Install Wire Rope Clips (And Why They’re Important)


Not sure how to install wire rope clips? Make sure you take a look at this guide to learn the right way to install them and why it’s important.



Sometimes called a u-bolt or u-bolt clips, wire rope clips have a lot of helpful uses.


This simple fitting is available in most hardware shops. Its purpose is to clamp the loose end of wire rope so it can loop back to form an eye for support. In the field or shop, wire rope clips can join two wire rope ends together, develop an eye for pulling applications, or secure the loose end of a wire rope.


Let’s dive into the installation of rope clips and why, when done right, are one of the best options for fittings on the market.


Installing a Rope Clip


The installation of a rope clip is a simple few step process. Diagrams are helpful for the visualization of the rope clip and wire rope working together.


You’ll need to ensure the rope clip is not damaged in any way, and the clip with the correct dimensions for your project is selected.


Start by turning back the wire rope from the thimble. Put the first clip one saddle width from the dead or butt end of the wire rope. You should place the live end or load carrying of the rope in the saddle.


This is where the rope clip is positioned over the dead-end and tightened to the proper torque. Make sure you’re not over-tightening during this step.


The second rope clip should be as close to the wire rope loop as possible. The install nuts should all be facing downward when installed, but not fully tightened yet.


Finally, all remaining clips should be equally spaced between the first two clips. At this point in the installation, you’ll apply enough tension to assemble the rope slack and tighten the nuts to their proper torque levels.


Drop Forged vs Malleable


Rope clips are available in different materials and designs. Malleable and drop forged rope clips are the most common rope clips used for different applications.


A malleable clip is not used for anything overhead. This is a softer, light-duty rope clip designed for use on fences or other projects that don’t need overhead load support.


For an overhead load, drop forged clips are ideal. In most cases, wire rope clips aren’t recommended or used for an overhead lifting project. Drop forged clips are made of galvanized material, meaning their heavy coating of zinc can sustain, not support overhead loads. This means use for guy lines, support lines, scaffolding, and more.


Crosby wire rope clips provide a solid galvanized option.


Make sure you’re choosing your rope clip based on what’s required for your project. Contact wire rope manufacturers with any questions on what rope clips work best for your project.


Urban Solutions


Rope clips serve an important application in the fitting industry. There are hundreds of applications for this piece of hardware. Installing them correctly is of the utmost importance.


Although small, these rope clips are the beginning of our website’s expanded focus. We dive into the ins and outs of art, furniture, engineering, and urban-trend. Helping you install rope clips is the tip of the iceberg.


If you want more helpful information like this, keep reading our various blogs. We have plenty of avenues; all you have to do is read to find the solutions.



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