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A Watch is an Essential Item for Traveling – Here’s Why


Back in the days, watches are considered as an essential tool for everyone because it was the only way to keep track of time. Nowadays, even you don’t have a watch on your wrist you can tell time by just looking at your phone. It shows that mobile phones have taken over the functions of watches. That’s why watch manufacturers develop a more advanced watch. The smartwatch has dominated the market and it is not just for telling time, but also to show off as a status symbol, a part of everyone’s fashion, and an essential accessory with new helpful functions. However, despite the development of smartwatches, the traditional watch did not waver in its popularity.


People nowadays enjoy traveling and as a traveler, you know how much precious time is. From ensuring you’re on time for your flight or even checking in and out of your hotel to keep track of time for your travel itinerary. What can also affect your travel plans is the different time zones we have. Wherever you plan to go, wearing a watch is just so important as packing the things for your trip. Here are some of the reasons why it is essential to bring a watch when you travel.


As mentioned earlier, people nowadays rather choose to check the time through their smartphone, but the thing is, it’s still much easier to look at the time when you have a watch on your wrist than to look for your phone in your bag. You can tell time within a matter of seconds than scattering all your things in your travel bag just to look for your phone and check the time. It is also kind of rude when you are in a temple you just visited for the first time or when you are on a date to always look at your phone. Wiggling your wrist to check the face of your watch is the most subtle way to do it. 


During the war in the 19th century, watches are used in the military to take or convey orders to other camps and since then watches are used in different functions. Watch companies have released a watch that has a moon phase function where it shows the lunar cycle, chronograph features that can be used as a stopwatch, and like the Bauhaus watches, has a minimalistic design that you can wear to any occasion. The most famous watch among travelers is the GMT hand, which points to the 24-hour time scale around its surrounding bezel. But no matter what type of watch you wear, it still gives you easy access to whatever you do or used in your everyday life.


Smartwatches are almost everywhere, even kids as young as at the age of 9 wear them. We cannot deny that these watches are somewhat helpful to some of us, but one of the reasons why still many rely on the traditional watch is because of its battery. Smartwatches only last 2 to 3 days while traditional watches last a lifetime and the battery replacement is way cheaper than those in smartwatches. When you travel, especially when you are in a remote area it hard to look for an electric socket, and when your phone and smartwatch run out of battery you are in some serious trouble but if you have a watch on your wrist you can still go on with your trip since it is powered by mechanical clockwork that does not require too much energy from batteries. 


We cannot deny that watches are used as a reflection of style and statement and as a traveler, spicing up your fashion is not bad and to look good is something everyone must do. It is also a form of self-expression. Since jewelry options are too limited when traveling abroad due to airport security measures, wearing a watch can still make you look cool and smart. Wearing a watch also reflects what kind of traveler you are. 


Wearing a watch is indeed beneficial not only when you travel, but also in your everyday life. Whether you choose to go with the trend with smartwatches or stick to the traditional watches that have stood the test of time, the important thing is, you understand its value. Don’t forget to pack your watch on your next travel!



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