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10 Designs That Are Popular To Home Buyers


Architectural preferences can differ as much as our choices for clothing, as every design has its character and style. Some may prefer the vintage interior of  Pre-World War II, and others may prefer a modern look. According to reputable realtors like Blake Nelson Real Estate, these are the type of architectural designs that homebuyers prefer which you can consider as well when choosing a house:



  1. Pre-War Architecture

These kinds of architecture are the one’s prominent in the Victorian era and Edwardian era. It can be classified as Victorian and Neo-Baroque, which are popular from 1830 to the start of the 20th century until 1914, just before the first World War hence the term “Pre-War Architecture.”

Most of the homes with a pre-war architectural design have a unique charm with touches like high ceilings, brass-plated features, hardwood floors, vintage fireplaces, and arched doorways. One of the most prominent examples of Edwardian Neo-Baroque architectural designs are the brownstone apartments in New York, which were deemed uncomfortable before but are now highly priced in the 21st century.


  1. Spanish Colonial Design

This kind of architecture tends to have stucco-walls, rounded arches, asymmetrical facade, and low-pitched red-tile roofs. From the 1600s to 1800s, stucco walls and red tile roofs have been a combination for over 400 years. The Spaniards moved to areas that have the same temperature as Spain so this kind of architectural design is more evident in California, Florida, and throughout the Southwest; therefore, Spanish Colonial homes have regional distinctions as well.


House Mediterranean style, green trees and lilac bushes in front of


  1. Italian Style Home

Italian architecture goes back from 3,500 years until now. It includes Etruscan, Ancient Roman, Romanesque, Gothic, Rennaissance, Baroque to Rococo, Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, Fascist and Italianate architecture.

Italianate architecture became popular in America between 1850 to 1870, but it started in England as the Italian villas, and country homes in Northern Italy inspired it. It is a homage to Neoclassical architecture, but Italianate isn’t as stiff and less formal as its predecessor. This is also popularly known as American bracketed architecture.


  1. Mid-Century Home

These kinds of houses became popular post-war due to the influx of urban development from 1945 to 1969. These houses are better known by 1950s sleek style homes designed by the architecture Frank Lloyd Wright or those inspired by him, like Eichler and Streng. Flat or shallow-pitched roofs, geometric shapes, triangular windows, open floor plans, cantilevered construction, and triangular windows are characteristics of these homes.


  1. Modern Architecture

This is based on abstract designs that are created from clean lines, basic forms, and shapes. Therefore, plain, simple, geometric designs are what makes a modern architecture stand out. Inspired by a simple color palette, these homes have a clean, sleek style—this type of design is accomplished using steel, glass, and metal furnishes. Simplicity is reflected from every element used, for example, in furniture that are used for the house.


  1. Contemporary

Modern and contemporary styles are often mixed. However, contemporary home styles are different. It is a strict interpretation of the 20th century architecture style, and it’s deemed to be more fluid. Moreover, contemporary styles may have unconventional geometric shapes like curving lines, which modern styles may not have.


  1. Industrial

Industrial style draws its inspiration from industrial warehouses or a loft. One of the salient features of industrial designs are that they have a sense of unfinished rawness. For example, it may have old timber, high ceilings, and dangling metal light fixtures with sparse functional furniture. The color scheme of these houses may be wood tone colors, and it may have one or two art pieces, preferably abstract, to connect the art with the interior of the home. Moreover, in industrial styles, mainly using metal and wood, are quite common.


  1. Scandinavian

It’s inspired by the simplicity and functionality of the houses in Nordic countries. Scandinavian homes furniture that are multi-purpose or has a particular function. The overall palettes usually include neutral colors and whites.

Form pressed wood, bright plastics, enamelled aluminum, steel, and wide plank flooring are some of the salient features of these homes. There are pops of colors involved in interior design, such as artworks and unique furniture, with a pop of color to tie up all the elements together.


  1. Rustic

Rustics homes are inspired by nature; it has a particularly rough, rustic, unfinished style and a “cabin in the forest” sort of inspiration emitted from the clever incorporating of wood and stone. The use of rocks in the walls and wood beams in the ceilings is quite common. Today a combination of rustic home-style with modern furniture becomes popular.


  1. Hamptons Style

These homes are inspired by the architectural designs along the East End of Long Island. Some of the characteristics of these designs are classic white, breezy, and massive spaces, with French doors and large windows that let natural light inside the house. This kind of design mimics the summer feeling of living in coastal areas or the freedom one feels during holidays. White chiffon curtains are quite common as well, which adds to the airy nature of the house.



The trends are changing, and people often prefer an interplay of two different styles, for example, rustic home with modern furniture. Moreover, the different kinds of designs mentioned above are what popular to homebuyers nowadays. These designs discussed above can also help you if you ever decide to buy a home as well.



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