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Prepping For A New Home? 6 Things To Keep In Mind

Moving to a new house can get overwhelming. You are probably excited and stressed thinking about moving. Let’s admit, there is a lot that needs to be taken care of. And, your trouble didn’t end with finding a house of your dreams in Hove.


The moment you finalised it, you knew you were signing up for busy weekends, taking off from work and having to do a lot of packing. Now when it’s time, you don’t know where to start!


Well, it’s normal to be anxious but that doesn’t mean the moving process has to be tiring and draining. In the event of trying to get everything right, it is quite common to forget one or two important things before moving into a house.


Don’t worry, we have prepared a checklist for you. We want you to be sure that you have taken care of everything and are not caught off guard. Let’s start.



  • Conduct a thorough inspection


All your excitement and plans can go for a toss in case you find some defects or damages at the very last moment. So, make sure you do a thorough inspection of the property before you have moved in.


Ensure that everything that was included in the agreement is present there. Ensure that all repairs that you asked for have been done and all appliances, electronics and fixtures are in working order.



  • Arrange for utilities


This needs to be taken care of a few weeks prior to your moving in. Call your utility provider and make sure you arrange for a timely connection for water, gas and electricity.


Ensure all needs for heating and plumbing in Hove are taken care of. Check your heating system. Check for leaks. Arrange for a TV and internet connection. Making all arrangements beforehand will take a significant amount of load off your shoulders.



  • Deep clean the house


You do not want to be cleaning your house the first thing after moving in. Unpacking your stuff is enough to take care of already.


Make sure you get the house deep cleaned before moving in. You can either get professionals to do it for you or do it yourself 9in case you want to save money).



  • Change the locks


It is a good idea to get all locks to your house changed. You don’t know who all have the keys to the house. The added worry about your family’s safety and security is the last thing you would want.


Get them changed a week before moving in. This will help you escape the worry of getting it changed while you are there with your belongings.



  • Know your neighbours


Before moving in, take out time to find out about your neighbours. Ask your agent some questions. What do your neighbours do? Where do they work? How many members in a family?


Meet your neighbours. Talk to them, get to know them. This will give you the much needed sense of social security. It will also help you not feel out of place or lonely once you have moved in.



  • Update your address


You get so busy packing and moving that you forget to update your address. It is hard to realise that your address is linked to so many aspects of your life.


Your subscriptions, mails, credit cards, checkbooks, insurance, membership accounts, car registration, driving license, home deliveries and the list is endless. So make sure you update your address at all places at the right time.


Final Words

Moving to a new house has to be a memorable experience. Not every day are you going to do that. So make sure you take care of everything before moving in so as to avoid hassle and last minute rush. Good luck!


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