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Mustang – Invest in New Homes Instead of an Existing Ones

Mustang is an up and coming city in the southeast corner of Oklahoma and based on the statistics, it seems that what was once a population of just over 13,000 residents, grew by a staggering 60% by the year 2010 to about 17,000 residents out of which just over 3000 of them live in the city. 

With an average resident age of just 36 years, it has a lot to offer both visitors and residents, not to mention the hopes of getting a decent job, getting married and having the median 2.5 children. But this can’t be done without owning your own house. Because renting costs just as much, and the security of having your own home, far surpasses paying someone else’s mortgage.

When seeking to buy a house in any area, the choice of whether to buy a new build or a pre-existing house is really at the buyer’s discretion. However, there are some things to keep in mind, that perhaps some novice buyers may not know about or some estate agents won’t tell you at risk of losing their commissions. The difference between investing in one or the other is a good starting point in the decision-making process. This article covers those differences and gives you some helpful information to help take the stresses out of such an initiative.

It is debatable when it comes to choosing between buying or building, the simple solution is; if you don’t have the money for it, rather buy than build. 

A New Build House

 Of course there is something vastly satisfying about living in a house that no one has owned before you or lived in before you. Being the first person to use the stove or take a shower in a new bathroom or sleep in a nice new bedroom, it’s yours and no one else has touched it, besides the builders. 

There is another option you can go for if budget allows, and that’s to build your own new home from the ground up. This is a very exciting prospect, because not only is it owned by you, but you can design it as you like according to your preferences and design specifications. There is nothing better than putting your footprint on your own new house, literally and figuratively.

Why Should You Get Your Own House Built?

If you have decided that building your house is the way to go, we’re here to tell you, you couldn’t have made a better decision. It doesn’t need to be as expensive or stressful as many people make it out to be, in fact, for the most part, you won’t be lifting a finger if you hire the right builders https://www.okchomebuilder.com/communities/crystal-hills-estates-yukon-mustang/ that are committed to high quality and workmanship. 

Let’s jump into the reasons why we think building your own home is a big advantage. 

You Get What You Want: When you build your home, you get exactly what you want and you don’t need to make adjustments to an existing wall or bedroom or kitchen by breaking down the house in bits and pieces and reconstructing it. This could be costly in the long run, not to mention construction while you may be already living in the house is a big health and safety no-no.  

Energy-Efficiency: As mentioned before, the median age of Mustang is 36 years, and according to the U.S census, this is also the average age found in most American homes. This means that by the time this age group has bought a house, the chances of all its appliances and infrastructure being old and outdated is pretty high. In any case, there is not much difference between the energy usage of old or new homes, but isn’t it so much better to get it built as an energy-efficient building from scratch? 

Warranty: A lot of people in this situation forget the important fact that you would normally get a warranty for everything including materials and workmanship and nothing will need to be replaced. The idea of replacing anything that’s broken will be far from your mind because everything will be new. With existing houses, you may never know what’s already broken or defected until you’ve moved in and then the hidden costs start piling up. This warranty usually lasts up to one year. Which is enough time to see if everything works properly and the good companies shouldn’t charge you for any changes or upgrades to the house, in case the need arises.

Natural and Friendly Materials: 

Not only can you choose your materials to be a lot eco-friendlier and less of a health hazard, but old houses have been built houses using materials such as asbestos and lead paint since back in the ’80s, and this still remains. The health risks of asbestos are been known to be quite serious, for instance when inhaled, over time can cause lung diseases and even lung cancer or mesothelioma in a person. Read about these side-effects on this online source. The cost of getting your floors uprooted and walls taken down and re-done with a less risky material, maybe just as or more costly than getting the bedroom floors tiled or wooden floored. Everyone loves a toxic-free home to live in. 

Hiring a well-established builder who listens to your needs and tries to incorporate as much as practically possible, is the best investment you can make for you and your family or future family. 


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