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How to Bird Proof Your House

While birds love to nest in trees, sometimes they also like to make nests in roofs (especially tiled ones). Whether its pigeons, magpies, sparrows, or a different breed entirely, birds can be a major nuisance when they nest on your roof. Whether it’s their incessant chirping or their droppings that make you cringe, protecting the exterior of your home from wild birds requires certain tools.  You can remove birds from the house by following some of these six professional nuisance wildlife removal tips:

  • Use “Terror Eyes” To Scare Birds Away

Terror Eyes is a bright inflatable balloon that bounces from a spring and has holographic eyes. These eyes create the illusion that the eyes are following birds. This movement, alongside its fierce features, scares birds off more effectively than a plastic owl. While a plastic owl scares birds off, the birds will eventually return because they’ll notice the owl never moves, and they get comfortable with it just being there. This is according to research done by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

  • Hang Reflective Tape From Nearby Trees

Hanging aluminum foil strips or reflective tape, like Irri-Tape, from trees near your roof will scare birds away in two ways: 

  • As sunlight reflects off the tape or foil, it will disorient and irritate the birds’ eyes.
  • When the tape flaps in the wind, it will make a sharp, metallic clacking sound.

  • Install Bird Spikes

This method of deterring birds from your roof tiles is humane and safe despite its ominous name. These spikes don’t harm the birds, but instead, make it challenging for them to land on your roof. This then prevents them from nesting on your roof. There are a variety of spikes on the market to choose from, including plastic and steel. These spikes can be installed on the eaves or ledges of your roof.

  • Use A Sound Deterrent

BirdXPeller PRO is a sonic bird deterrent that broadcasts a variety of naturally recorded bird distress calls and predator cries that confuse, frighten and disorient pest birds within the effective range. Look for systems featuring sound effects specific to the bird you’re trying to get rid of.

However, if you don’t want to disturb your neighbors, try getting an ultrasonic repellent. These devices play high-frequency sounds that annoy and disorient birds without affecting humans. You can find sound-based bird repellents from pest control companies.

  • Install Electric Pads Over Perching Spots

Try placing a strip of avian-specific, low-voltage electric diodes along the areas birds normally sit. Even if they can perch in a spot a few feet over, the shocks will make the birds avoid the area altogether. These strips are typically available from companies specializing in pest control. Though unpleasant, the shocks emitted by the electricity strips are not enough to harm the birds.

  • Cover Shingles and Tiles With Perch Repellent Gel

Bird repellent gel is a non-noticeable deterrent that turns your roof into an uncomfortable perch. The gel makes your tiles or shingles feel sticky, causing any feathered friends to flee. Expect to reapply the gel every 6 to 8 months. These are available from pest control and home improvement stores.


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