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Creating Your Outdoor Living Space During Lockdown

This year might look differently from what you imagined a couple of months ago due to the coronavirus pandemic. Recent travel bans and restrictions mean spending much more time at home and if you already bought the top products for some DIY and renovation projects, we are going to give you some ideas on how to create an outdoor living space.


Why is it useful to have an outdoor living space?

Since no one knows yet for how long the restrictions related to the coronavirus outbreak will last, for your mental and physical well-being, it’s important to turn your house into a cozy place. You have probably already gotten used to spending time indoors, but if you have a house with a yard, now that the warm weather is here to stay, you can create an outdoor living space.


How much money do I need for my outdoor living space?

The answer to this question depends on what your expectations and possibilities are. You can invest thousands of dollars in creating this space, if you want to build everything from scratch and provide it with tiles or wooden floors, new furniture, electricity, and water connection, electronic devices, decorations and so on.

On the other hand, you can also choose to invest nothing more than time in this project. If, for example, you already have a spare table and some chairs that you’ve been keeping in your garage or basement, you can simply clean, paint, and place them in your yard!

If you mow the grass, build a nice rock border in order to highlight the space perimeter, and add a tablecloth and a flowerpot – the result can be quite charming. And what’s more important, there’s no financial investment going in!


What type of living space can I build outdoors?

Most people opt for a covered area that allows them to relax, which involves a sofa, chairs, hammock or anything you can sit on. And you’ll probably also want to be able to have a snack there, which brings about the necessity of having a table.

Starting from the main purpose you want to assign to your outdoor area, you can go in different directions. If you aim for a place where you can have lunch with your family, you need a big table, with chairs and, ideally a cupboard or chest of drawers to keep your dishes in. This way you avoid going back and forth to the kitchen all the time.

Installing a sink or a cooker can greatly ease your work as you can prepare your meals right there, but it also implies investing more money.

An outdoor living room is another great idea and some house owners take this to the next level and even set up a TV and audio system there so they can enjoy their evening out al fresco. If you want to keep things simple, a sofa and a small table that you can build yourself from pallets are enough.

No matter what you aim for, you should provide this outdoor space with a cover, be it a wooden roof or a canopy because you might want to spend time there even in rainy weather. Moreover, choose your location in a spot where water doesn’t gather when it rains.


Spending time outdoors is a great way of combating boredom, especially now when there is little we can do outside of our household. Having your own outdoor living space enables you to enjoy fresh air while pursuing your regular activities and hobbies.


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