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An Adventure to try in Brisbane on the Weekend

Are you a lover of adventure? Are you continually seeking for your next exciting escapade? Well, if you currently are or ever find yourself in the land Down Under, aka Australia. Then you’re in luck. There are plenty of great outdoor activities for you to enjoy solo or with a group of friends. So prepare to get off your couch, get your gear ready, and plan your next trip. With these 12 sweet weekend adventures we’ve compiled, you’ll be eager to get out of the house.


Kayaking on the Island of Moreton

The island of Moreton is a beautiful place at sunset. One of the best ways to see the sites of the island as the sun sets beyond the horizon is to go kayaking off its shores. Drift through 200m of rustic wreaks as the sunlight fades. You might even meet some cute turtles and fishes along your way.


Rope down Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Rappeling down the edge of Kangaroo Point Cliffs is a heart-pounding thrill if you don’t have a phobia for heights. It’s an excellent opportunity for your work out as you slowly lower yourself down. Taking in the Brisbane skyline from that height is sure to live you breathless.


Catch a game at the Gabba

Not a fan of rock climbing and hanging off cliffs? That’s fine. You can still engage in a less extreme sport from the comfort of the Gabba Stadium. Catch a game of one of Australia’s favorite sports at this Brisbane Cricket Ground.


Visit the Great Barrier Reef

See one of the most beautiful reefs in the world. This weekend, you should book yourself a room at a hotel somewhere near Lady Elliot Island. You can spend a day or two snorkeling around the coral cay. A weekend at the Redcliffe makes for an unforgettable weekend.


Noosa National Park

Still, feel a pull from the ocean? Well then, Noosa’s National Park calls, and you’ll never regret answering its call. Take in the scenic views of a mountain view, and enjoy the secluded beaches. You can even go swimming or kayaking in the heart of the Noosa town.


Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Maybe you’re into a more laid back and relaxing weekend. Well, how about snuggling up to an adorable koala bear. The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary would be more than happy to let you hug one and even get a photo too. You can see other animals also like wombats and dingoes.


Lamington National Park

If you fancy a long walk or a fun camping experience in a magical park, Lamington is your go-to. Take long strolls along its treetop routes and stand in awe at its majestic streams and plunging gorges. You could also experience a little bit of history by hearing tales from the local Yugambeh Aboriginal kinship group.


Ghost Tours

Combine your love of history and horror through the Ghost tours of Toowong. Enjoy as the friendly guide takes you through an entertaining evening of ghost stories. Of course, the chilling cemetery setting only helps the scare sink in.


Fish Lane Brisbane

The list would hardly be complete if there weren’t something here for our food lovers. Satisfy all your cravings and explore new cuisines as you make your way down this emerging food hub. Just south of the river, this street is littered with a variety of restaurants. You can get almost anything from Asain to Italian food.


Woodford Folk Festival

Experience a unique cultural festival filled with music and magic. Join 125,000 other visitors at this annual festival to watch over 2000 performers. Feed your soul with comedy, social debates, and of course, live music.


Pay homage to the Chung Tian Temple

Looking for a more spiritual filled weekend, visit the beautiful Buddhist Temple of Chung Tian. Don’t just take in the displays in the art gallery. Find some peace in the prayer room, take a lesson in Chinese, or get a meal.


The Triffid

For fans of nightlife with a taste for history, a gig at The Triffid makes for a perfect weekend. Previously a World War II hanger, this renovated bar provides great music and a fantastic beer garden.


Discover Brisbane from the skies

See the city from the clouds with Bekaa air. Watch the sunset or see the edges of the ocean in one of the hour-long helicopter rides. It’s a great way to start your weekend by taking a flight to another beautiful destination, like the Kooroomba Vineyards or Spicers Peak Lodge.


The city of Brisbane is filled with many exciting landmarks, parks, and sights to make every weekend a new and exciting adventure. From visiting tropical islands to participating in festivals, and long walks down scenic parks, the fun never ends.


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