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Common Problems with Air Conditioning in Sydney


Imagine on a hot summer day, your air conditioning system suddenly stops working. It gets worse if you live in Sydney, Australia – when the sun hits its peak. It would be exhausting and devastating! So, what should you do in that situation? You have to call the professional aircon maintenance and service company. 

However, there is something else that you need to do first! If your air conditioning system is giving you a hard time – it might be because of various reasons. Once you know the root of the problem – not only you would be able to resolve it better but also prevent it from happening next time!

So, let’s take a look at all the common problems, that most of the homeowners in Sydney, face with their aircon working!

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner System Is Not Working!

Irrespective of the air conditioner brand, the air-cooling system can give you a hard time due to various reasons. However, knowing about those problems would keep you one step ahead of everything. And guess what, knowing the real cause of the problem would also help you to save your time & money!

Here is a list of all the possible reasons why your aircon is not cooling your house/building:

  • Blown Fuse:

One of the most common and most reported air conditioning problems is the ‘Blown or Burned’ fuse. In this situation – the air-cooling system wouldn’t start unless you replace the fuse. Although it might seem obvious and reasonable – most people are unable to detect it in the first place. Therefore, if your air conditioning system is not starting, make sure to check its fuse/plug first. 

  • Damaged Drain Pan:

An annoying aircon problem is the water dripping or leakage that gets worse with the stinky smell. The odour makes it difficult for people to sit in the room. So hence, it needs to be taken care of on time. The reason for water dripping/leaking is the ‘damaged/broken drain pan’ – that needs immediate replacement. If that’s the case then you need to call professional air conditioning specialists

  • Damaged Internal Wiring:

You have turned on the air conditioning system, but now unable to turn it off? While the chilly room would be a treat in the harsh summers – it would increase your electricity bills as well! It means that you need to fix this problem before things get worse. This problem happens when the internal wiring of the aircon system is either broken, tangled or damaged internal wiring. 

  • Impaired Thermostat:

The air conditioning unit has been on for several hours now, but there is no sign of cooling? If that’s the case, then you might be dealing with a damaged thermostat. The cause of damage could be anything. However, it is possible that the thermostat got overheated due to fluctuations in the voltage or AC being on for several hours. 

  • Clogged Air Filter:

Another common problem people face with their air conditioning system is the ominous noises coming from the system. These noises can easily disturb your peace. The reason behind those annoying noises is a clogged air filter! The air filter in aircon systems filer out the air, trapping the dust particles inside. If not cleaned properly, the particle clogs the air filter and air duct, which results in the noises. To avoid this problem, it is advised to clean out the filter twice a month and go for regular maintenance. 

  • Refrigerant Leaks:

If your air conditioning system is on a constant vibration during the usage, chances are high that you are dealing with a ‘Refrigerant Leakage.’ Furthermore, if the refrigerant is leaking it can also make a knock or a bump on the piping as well as on the system. If you are dealing with this problem, it’s better to call for a professional before it’s too late. Moreover, you can also avoid this beforehand – by making sure that the aircon system is well mounted and grounded.

Don’t Overlook Maintenance!

One of the reasons people end up with a faulty aircon system is because they overlook the maintenance services! They think of it as unnecessary and wastage of money. However, in reality regular, on-time maintenance can help you save a lot on repair & replacement expenses!



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