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5 Architecture Design Trends That Are Changing the Way the World Looks


Architecture is evolving faster than nearly any other industry on Earth. Architects and engineers need to keep up with the accelerating pace of culture. Architects need to work smart and fast, however. 

Architects are clearly weathering the storm. The architecture sector sees an annual increase of 2.2%. Architects are learning to work quickly as well as thoroughly using powerful technological tools. 


Here are a few of the architecture design trends that are re-shaping the architecture industry, and the world we’re living in. 

  1. Sustainability 

Environmentalism is playing an important role in how we construct buildings. Architects are learning how to make their projects as low-impact as possible, following recent developments in sustainability. 

Expect to see more recycle materials being integrated into building projects. Also keep an eye out for buildings that match their native habitat, leaving as little of an ecological footprint as possible. 

  1. Virtual Reality

One of the main tools of increasing architect’s productivity is virtual reality. Virtual reality allows for rapid prototyping so no time, money, or resources are wasted. 

Virtual reality helps prevent mistakes before they happen. They also give customers a chance to see what they’re getting before breaking ground. Exterior rendering lets them visualize in perfect detail what they’re getting, so they’re bound to be satisfied. 

  1. Smaller Spaces

We’ve been experiencing a micro revolution in the construction industry in recent years. Tiny houses have been all the rage as homeowners question what they actually need to be happy. 

This means things like convertible furniture will be an important architecture design trend in the coming years, as well. 

  1. Building Upwards

Vertical construction is an important component of urban design. It’s one of the most essential parts of avoiding gridlocked traffic and urban sprawl. As populations continue to move into urban centers for work or connection, we’re going to need more tall buildings. 

Clever designers are figuring out ways to make those vertical spaces more sustainable as well. Rooftop gardens have been a popular design trend for several years and don’t show any sign of slowing. It also illustrates how architecture can help tackle some of the other problems that society faces. 

  1. Connectivity

Smart technology has completely rewired what we expect out of our living spaces. The Internet of Things continues to expand with each passing year. It’s becoming integrated into how we live our day-to-day lives. 

Architects need to keep networks in mind when building spaces. Architects, engineers, and software designers are going to have to work closely together to meet the expectations and demands of a tech-savvy population. 

Architecture is only going to keep evolving more quickly as society continues to accelerate. It’s truly an exciting time to be an architect, designer, or engineer. We’re starting to build the cities of the future. 

Looking For More Architecture Design Trends?

It’s an exciting time to be an architecture lover. We’re seeing some of the most inspiring buildings ever imagined being constructed. There’s exciting news every single day when you look. 

Now that you know more about today’s architecture design trends, browse the rest of our architecture articles today for even more inspiration. 


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