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Home Bar Design Tips For 2020


There are a few reasons why homeowners choose to create a home bar. It could be a way to save a few dollars on heading out each weekend, it could be part of a comprehensive renovation, or maybe it’s just been on your bucket list since you reached the legal drinking age. Whatever your motivation, let’s discuss what you need to do this successfully and what considerations there are when it comes to your home bar.


Get the right bar furniture

You wouldn’t stick around too long at a bar with poor bar furniture, and so you should be selective with the furniture you bring to your coveted home bar. A stool option is typically the way to go, as it will give you freedom of movement but it’s also easy to stow away when your bar is closed (although it’s got to be 5 o’clock somewhere?). The benchtop surface will depend on what you are working with, although homeowners can get quite savvy with how they optimize their space. Where possible, it’s always a great idea to upcycle or reuse pre-loved furniture. Although if your heart is set on something flash, go for it!


Consider the theme and style you want

Believe it or not, your home bar requires a little more forethought than simply finding the right size nook in your home and filling a bookshelf with alcohol, although you’re on the right train of thought. You want to identify a style that best resonates with your concept, and begins bringing this to life. You might want a rustic vibe that you can enhance with untreated woods, dim lighting, and warm colored bar accessories. If you are looking for something a little flashier like a Gatsby influence, you will want to incorporate a bright space and be heavy-handed on the silvers and steels. Relive the roaring 20s in your very own home.


Decide if your bar is part of or removed from your home

Before you rush into anything, make sure you have nominated the appropriate space for your home bar and the intention for it. If your home bar is merely an extension of your kitchen, will you be able to revel in it all night without waking the rest of the house? Perhaps you want to establish your bar in a separate space that is removed from your home, allowing you to make your home bar its own destination. It might be wise to include your housemates or family members in this decision so that you can all consider where the bar would be most enjoyed. Replacing the dining area with an 80s bar concept? It never sounds like a great idea once you have bounced it off your partner.


Permanent or mobile bar?

Many homeowners won’t have the luxury of rolling out a unique and expansive bar concept, so there is always the option of a mobile concept. This might also be an attract9ve option for renters. Many creative thinkers have done this by investing in gorgeous wheeled bar carts, and have opted for housing their alcohol in cabinets and furniture. Clever solutions like this are a nod to speakeasy’s that once dominated the prohibition era, and its a way of shifting the dynamic of your home as soon as the sun starts to set.


Hopefully, this inspiration has acted like the liquid courage you were looking for. Establishing a home bar does not have to be an expensive activity, so start scouting your home for the perfect alcove to serve cocktail hour. One more tip – if your home bar becomes a hit with your friends and family… you might want to hide the top-shelf liquor.



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