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The Top Bathroom Design Tips For 2020


Despite being a small space, your bathroom deserves thorough planning. Whether you are moving into a new home or remodelling your old bathroom for a change. From choosing toto toilets to deciding on the right layout, bathroom sinks, and flooring, there is more to designing the perfect bathroom just for you. There are factors to consider first before you can make it aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. To find out what these factors are, keep reading to get some tips for your bathroom makeover this 2020.


Convenient smart toilet

Choosing a toilet that is suitable not only for the aesthetics of your bathroom but also for making your life a bit easier should be your priority when shopping for one. Opt for smart toilets with features that target all your needs explicitly. For example, think about toto toilets. Whether you are looking for water efficiency, the right size, price, and powerful flushing system, toto toilets can accommodate even your smallest concerns when it comes to making an educated decision on purchasing the perfect one for your bathroom.

From choosing toto toilets to deciding on the right layout, bathroom sinks, and flooring, there is more to designing the perfect bathroom just for you.

Well thought out layout

Planning your bathroom’s design, whether it is for a new home or for remodelling an old one, can be a bit tricky. You have to weigh a lot of factors (vent stacks, plumbing drains, and water lines) to make the whole space functional while making the most out of every square inch. To make the planning less frustrating, consider what floor plan will suit the overall look of your bathroom, and that will match the vibe with the rest of the house. There are three bathroom floor plans you can choose from: a one-wall layout that is the most cost-effective yet also the most limiting (this design lines up the shower, toilet, and sink along one wall), a two-wall layout that is much more flexible compared to the former (you can choose to install the toilet and sink on one wall and the shower and tub on the other),or a three-wall layout that could give you much versatility but is also expensive and the most complex to design with.


Amped up bathroom sink

Bathroom sinks also need attention as they also help in projecting the style and vibe of your space. Of course, with the many choices in the market, choosing the one to set your heart on could be a daunting task. Will you choose the one with sleek glass, a traditional one, a warm wood, or a period pedestal? But while setting your preferred style is very important, you should also consider how much area you have set aside for the sink in your bathroom. With the sink’s style and size in mind, you’ll be stunned with how it can amp up your bathroom’s look.


Easy to care for yet stylish flooring

For your bathroom floor, only opt for a material that could cater to major flooring concerns. This aspect should be taken seriously as bathrooms do demand a lot from a floor space. It can also be high-maintenance if you do not choose the material based on water-resistance, slip-resistance, and durability. The frontrunner for this would be a ceramic tile. This material is the most suitable and most used in bathroom floorings for a good reason. Not only are ceramic tiles highly water-resistant, easy to walk on when wet, and durable, they will also make your space look exceptional and customized.


In conclusion

As with any kind of planning, designing your bathroom needs your full attention to detail. Always remember that whatever educated decision you may come upon, the result on how your space will look should be a reflection of you. Thus, make every choice personal and worthwhile.



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  1. Wow, nice post. Explained very nicely. I like the way how you have displayed things like bathroom vanity, mirror, lamps, and rugs. And bathroom accessories and tiles give it a complete royal look as we dream. It looks a perfect bathroom for a perfect family.

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