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The Science Behind the Electrochromic (Smart Glass) Window



Having an electrochromic window will reduce the amount of energy wasted by about 50%.

Having drafty windows will make your energy costs skyrocket. All the heat you’re paying for in the cold weather is just escaping out of your windows. Plus, having sunlight shining in your home all day is going to heat up the house as you try to cool it with airconditioning.

There are so many benefits to having electrochromic windows. How electrochromic windows work is also super fascinating!

Keep reading to learn all about electrochromic windows.


How Do Electrochromic Windows Work?

Electrochromic windows are a great way to conserve energy in the home.

When you have drafty windows, it can cost you a fortune to try and heat it in the winter. Plus, you don’t want to pay to cool the outdoors in the summer. Electrochromic windows help keep your home insulated which will reduce your energy bill.

Electrochromic windows can either darken or turn opaque with sunlight. Each of these types of electrochromic windows is powered by different kinds of technology.

Electrochromic glass differs from the glass of ordinary windows because of the material and coating. Ordinary windows are often made from a single or double pane of glass and can have insulating properties.

Ordinary windows that are a little more advanced are often treated with multiple layers of metallic coating known as, “sputtering.” Sputtering keeps the home insulated in the winter.

Electrochromic windows work similarly to the advanced windows. The difference is that the metallic coating is more complex than the metallic coating on the ordinary windows.


What Are the Advantages of Having Electrochromic Windows?

Besides having your home insulated, there are many other advantages to having electrochromic windows.

As the electrochromic windows insulate your home, they are also great for the environment. Electrochromic windows reduce the amount of heat or air-conditioning that you need to use in your home, which is much more environmentally friendly.

The ability to insulate the home with windows can save a huge percentage of what you pay on your energy bill!

Electrochromic windows can also be controlled by a smart home system. Whether anyone is in the building or not, these windows can usually be controlled by an app on a smartphone.

The ability to change the window also offers benefits when it comes to privacy. By just touching a button on your smartphone, you can darken the windows so nobody can see in them.


Install Your Electrochromic Windows Today

With how much you have to pay for your home monthly, it would help out so much to reduce your energy costs.

If saving money isn’t enough to convince you to switch to electrochromic windows, think about how you’ll be helping the environment out!

Ordinary, single-paned windows are outdated. You’ll notice a huge difference in privacy, sustainability, and costs when you switch the type of window you’re using.

If you loved learning about electrochromic windows and how they work, check out our other posts on architecture and home improvement!



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