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The Complete Guide to Understanding How a Mobile Crane Works


How does a crane work? The answer is simple.

Mobile cranes have been around for decades because they make a lot of processes simpler. In the past, hundreds of workers would have to gather if they wanted to move large objects. The pyramids were built by hand, but the process took decades.

As technology evolved, the introduction of mobile cranes allowed people to construct better buildings more efficiently and effectively. Cranes are primarily used to transport objects that are used during construction and you can also use a mobile crane for home projects.

Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about portable cranes.

What Is a Mobile Crane?

Mobile cranes are designed to lift and move objects of all different shapes and sizes. They’re often used in situations where moving something by hand would be too difficult. For example, transporting furniture up a building without an elevator would be hard if you didn’t have a crane.

Unlike the large cranes that are used to construct buildings, mobile cranes can move so that they can be used in various areas.

Types of Cranes

All cranes serve the same purpose, which is moving large objects. However, there are several types of cranes, so one may be better for you depending on what you need it for.

Here are the most commonly used mobile cranes:


Hydraulic cranes use hydraulics to operate. These hydraulics use oil that’s push from a cylinder to another, giving the crane a great amount of strength. They’re used often because of their durability and reliability. The hydraulics allow for smooth operation and there are usually many safety features.


All-terrain cranes are some of the most versatile cranes because they can be used in most areas. These cranes can be transported on both highways and standards roads, allowing them to position themselves correctly for any project. They’re often used


Rough-terrain cranes are similar to all-terrain cranes in that they’re versatile because they can be used in many places. However, rough-terrain cranes are designed to operate off-road. They have large wheels with treading that allows them to traverse through dirt, mud, sand, and other rough surfaces.


Crawler cranes are some of the strongest as they can carry several hundred tons of weight. Crawlers are typically used when bridges or large buildings are being built. One of the main things they do is tilt concrete upwards, allowing for various structures to be built.

Carry Deck

A carry deck is one of the smallest cranes, but it’s designed to rotate in a complete circle. Carry decks can fit through confined surfaces, so they’re often used in the middle of construction areas. Their decks can be used to lift and place equipment and building materials.

When You Would Need a Crane

Most people would never have a use for a crane if they don’t work in construction, but there are several situations in which you’d need one. Because of the various types of cranes available, you could use a crane hire to help you complete your project.


Cranes are most commonly used during construction. Most construction projects require large and heavy objects, such as steel beams. It’s nearly impossible to transport things like this without a crane because you’d have to get a large number of people to carry it.

Even if you’re able to carry it using manpower, you won’t be able to get it into the correct position, especially if it needs to be placed at the top of a building. By using a crane, you can lift objects to the top without having to worry about obstacles.

Understanding how cranes work will make the process simpler when you start your project because you’ll be able to choose the correct one for the job. For example, you wouldn’t want to get a carry deck if you’re trying to lift objects to the top of a building.

Home Projects

Cranes also benefit homeowners because they allow them to do projects without having to hire a company. If a homeowner wants to start building large farm structures, such as windmills, they can use a crane to position everything.

While cranes are often used to assist the construction process, homeowners can use them to transport things from one area to another. For example, someone could use a carry deck crane to transport large barrels from one part of their property to another.

Should anyone decide they want to get a crane to start building things, they can find cranes for rent. Mobile cranes are designed to be used in a variety of ways, so almost anyone that’s looking to do a project can benefit from using one.

The large carrying capacities prevent you from having to shell out money on more manpower and the process will be a lot quicker.

Start Looking Into Mobile Cranes Today

Whether you’re looking to construct a building or are trying to transport objects, having a mobile crane would make your project easier. Most construction companies use cranes because they’re effective and save a lot of time.

Even if you’re not constructing a building, you can use a crane simply to move heavy objects on your property.

If you’re someone that has an upcoming project, consider whether a crane would benefit you. Think about what your project entails and decide which crane would be best for you.

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