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Marble Table 101: The Basics


Marble has always been a hallmark of elegance for generations as the beautiful natural stone is renowned for its luxurious beauty that exudes charm and sophistication. It is at the forefront of luxury material lists, and homeowners who enjoy timeless beauty or the modern chic style, choose this stone once it comes to decorating their spaces.


There are many styles and designs to choose from but the Marble table from Greyhammer is elegant, even within their simplistic form, because they can warm up an area with its glamorous style.


This article will talk about the basics of Marble tables:


What are the advantages of marble tables?

Marble tables possess this enduring charm that makes it the top pick for households who only want the finest. However, before spending on a delicate piece of furniture, find out a little more about what you are getting into. Here are the advantages of marble tables:



Like the Marble table from Greyhammer, with its exquisite design and a stunning presence, it will immediately improve the aesthetics of your space. Manufacturers sell these tables in an array of beautiful colours and shades. You can also have marble tables in mosaic design by combining different styles of this stone and making a beautiful work of art.



Marble tables look perfect once coated with polish. The more gloss you add, the more the natural stone glistens. The effect is smooth and sleek, making the table that looks akin to glitz and glamour.


Unique Designs

There are no two marble tables that are the same since it is crafted from stone renowned for its distinctive veining and “smoky” tones within the stone.



Tables made from natural stones such as marble are clear of industrial processes and therefore, do not create any hazardous waste or lead to the production of harmful gases. When you want to go sustainable but also enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, perhaps marble tables are for you. Channel the wonders of nature with such a mystical-looking stone in your house without harming the environment.


How to care for your marble table?

Do thorough research on the marble table that you like before buying one. This step will help you find a cost-friendly marble table that fits your aesthetics. Know that buying a marble dining table requires patience, so it’s crucial to be careful and committed to caring for this furniture piece.


  • Any liquid, including water, if untreated for an extended period, can damage your marble table, so you need to be very responsible for cleaning them. Fruit juices, chocolate, beer, tea, and wine are just a few factors that can severely damage the stone if the liquid is not wiped out or washed out immediately. If one liquid mentioned above works its way into the coating of your marble tables, the harm caused will be permanent. It is, therefore, crucial that your tabletop is cleaned and washed frequently and that every stain is removed immediately.


  • Buy a selection of high-quality coasters and placemats for the table. They will act as a shield for safety because having your coffee mugs or soda cans on the coasters rather than putting them directly on the stone would avoid the risk of staining.


  • In cleaning, ensure that the items you buy for the table are specifically designed for marble. Cheap, low-quality and acidic agents will not just diminish the shine but will also trigger long-term etching that ruins the polish and its exquisite appearance. You can use water and a soft cloth for regular washing. But once a week, scrub the marble table with some stone cleaner.


Is the appeal of having a marble table worthwhile? Definitely! An aesthetically pleasing marble table can become the focal point of a space. You will surely find that this is going to be a beloved piece of furniture in your house.



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