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Your Ultimate Guide to House Building Materials for New Construction

You’re starting a new home construction project and want to make an informed decision about what house building materials you need to use. It’s not a straightforward answer and your decision depends on various factors you need to take into consideration. Each of those decisions can affect your house construction process.

Some of the variables depend on where the house is being built or what part of the house will you use the materials? There are tried and true factors you need to consider before you start your new home construction project too. That’s because getting the right house building materials can make the difference in not only how a house looks but how it endures.

A house that’s built with quality materials will stand the test of time vs. a house with building materials that aren’t of quality or used well. Often those houses will fail the first test nature puts it through. Read the informational guide below to help give you details on house building materials variables, characteristics, and its best uses for your new house construction project.

House Building Materials

Construction experts are quick to tell you using home building materials of quality matters when you’re building a new home. But defining what quality house building materials mean isn’t always provided in construction experts’ informational tips and guides. By looking at the price tag on newly constructed homes, you get the unstated information about the quality of that builder’s design and home building materials.

The new house construction definition for building materials is defined by what quality rating and grade the material is. The house building material grade was a term that was coined originally to make materials sound more desirable to consumers who were looking for a new construction home. Today, many builders still purchase and use builder-grade materials to construct new homes.

Variables of Cheapest to Best Builder Grade Home Materials

Builder-grade became the term house builders use because it is the lowest rated and most plentiful material for the price. Every builder-grade material has its own characteristics and variables. It’s important to understand that a builder-grade material used in new prefabricated homes can be of superior made quality.

The variables you need to note in the grading of housing material include:

  1. Ultimate Custom Grade – if your new home construction is using ultimate custom-grade materials, you’re using superb quality and high-cost materials. Technically, every design feature is unique with exterior features refined and every interior feature shows artistic workmanship of high-quality and exceptional finish.
  2. Custom Grade – Homes with custom grade materials are usually designed and constructed from an individual or modified from a high-quality tract development plan. Design feature for custom-grade materials is where the exterior ornamentation is detailed and any interior features are of high artistry. The finishes are of high value and quality.
  3. Quality Grade – Homes with quality grade building materials are located in above-standard residential tract developments and include exterior ornamentation that is well designed. The interior design has workmanship that exceeds acceptable and basic standards with the finishings completed with upgraded stock.
  4. Builder Grade – is the home that meets or exceeds any building codes and uses standard or modified standard building plans that use designs that have some exterior ornamentation and interior quality finishes. The finishes are of builder-grade but can be upgraded in design, features and material used.

It’s the variables within each grade of house building materials that give you quality over simple and basic quality.

The Best and Most Durable Building Materials

Most builders agree that the best and most durable building materials sometimes work better in commercial construction projects than home ones. Steel is a construction building material that’s long been considered one of the best and the strongest materials for commercial buildings. In a house, many home construction companies think stone or brick is the best long-term investment you can make when building.

There’s a reason that some of the most famous world buildings and exhibits were made with some form of brick or stone and are still standing. That’s because clay is what makes up bricks, and it is very durable. Silt becomes hard when it dries and when you heat clay bricks, they become long-lasting, strong and enduring house building materials.

Stone is also seen in many buildings and structures that are thousands of years old and that’s because when you cut and use stone, it can protect any structure from almost any environmental factor. You can also enhance or design stone with unique looks if you have the proper equipment to do so.

The Cheapest Building Materials

Concrete sheets or panels are usually made of stone, sand, and cement, that’s all mixed together. The concrete sheets or panels are very durable and inexpensive if you want to achieve a sophisticated look at reasonable prices. The concrete panels are also quick to install and very secure.

Concrete panels have been used all over the world but never caught on in the United States until recently. Another very trendy but very cheap building material is reclaimed timber. This is timber that looks stylish and by using it, you’re benefiting the environment. It’s difficult to build a home with it because each piece of timber is unique with various sizes and shapes.

Sourcing it can also be a problem, but it’s fairly durable if it’s dried out properly so it doesn’t warp or split. A new go-to cheap and semi-sturdy building material is eco-friendly straw. The straw bales create home structures need to be built in dry environments and are very well insulated and treated for fire resistance.

Proceed with the Best Home Building Materials and Contractor

When you’re ready to move forward with a home construction project, you need to keep your building grade options in mind when you reach out to a quality home contractor. Even if you tell a perfect prefab home contractor what house building materials you want, you need to remember the variables in each grade of those materials. Every grade of house building materials has variables that are long and wide.

Any experienced and quality prefab home contractor will be able to use house building materials that are thicker and stronger for your walls, doors, windows or anything else you want. Use this informational guide to select house building materials that keep you and your family safe and ensures a longer and more durable life for your home.


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