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Minneapolis VS St. Paul: Things To Consider Before Moving To Either One

You’ll find distinct seasons, friendly neighborhoods, and commercial opportunities in Minnesota. This state offers different cities where people can call their new homes. Among these ones, you might be considering relocating to Minneapolis or St. Paul.

Continue reading to know more about these two cities in this 32nd state of the United States. By the end of this post, you should have a clearer understanding as to the location of your new Minnesota home.

Things to Know About Minneapolis

Minneapolis boasts many attractions that can entice both residents and tourists. But, it would help if you prepare for the life you might live while living in this city.

Here are three things to consider before moving to Minneapolis:

  • Frigid Winters

As the year enters the Holiday season, your mind might be filled with cheers, parties, and presents. But, Minneapolis offers more than Holiday cheers. Here, prepare to encounter one of America’s coldest winter seasons.

Prepare your winter gear when you decide to move to this city in Minnesota as the cold weather may last for five to six months.

  • Affordable Housing Options

Perhaps, one of the biggest allures of Minneapolis is its property rates. Here, you can find homes with lower prices than other locations in the US. If you want a custom home, you can hire a reputable Custom Home Builder MN to help you create an abode fit for this city.

  • The Land Of Healthy Living

Many individuals call Minneapolis the land of tater tots. Here, you can also find fairs filled with Midwestern cuisine. But, despite the abundance of delicious food wherever you look, many residents find the city to be a healthy place to live in.

The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority has already banned smoking in 5,000 units, according to a post from the StarTribune. So, that gives you an assurance that this city provides considerably clean air from which you and your family could benefit.

Aside from these factors, Minneapolis has several parks where you can enjoy a quick afternoon walk while gazing at the sunset. The city also has a Skyway System wherein you can traverse between buildings while staying warm in the winter.

If you’re thinking about building or remodeling a home in this city, contact professional services to help you achieve these goals. One excellent place to start is by contacting Treasured Spaces.

Things To Know About St. Paul

The Mississippi River, Como Park, and the radio variety show called A Prairie Home Companion – these elements, among many others, are the greatest attractions of St. Paul, Minnesota. Like moving to Minneapolis, you need to think about specific factors before moving to this city.

Consider these three aspects first before deciding to move to this locale:

  • The Calm Life

St. Paul is the other pair of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, other being Minneapolis. But, even though these places are neighbors, you might see the lifestyles of their residents to be different from each other.

While Minneapolis presents a fast-paced and busy lifestyle to its residents, St. Paul might be more laid back in nature. The neighborhoods offer serene atmospheres, and it should be easy to find picnic spots around the city. If you like relaxing communities, then St. Paul could well be your new home.

  • Home Of The Large Pizza

When you order a large-sized pizza, you might think about the pie to be as large as your arm. But, St. Paul’s pizza scene might say otherwise.

Here, you can find pizza slices that might be larger than your head. One particular place that’s worth mentioning is Cosetta’s. This restaurant’s pizza slices might be larger than average, but many people agree that you need to give this food joint a visit for some pizza adventure that you most probably have never experienced before.

  • Music And Art Are Alive And Kicking

Many cities promote industrial and technical growth, while St. Paul residents don’t forget about other beautiful things in life, namely music and art. Here, you’ll find several music and performing arts establishments.

One place to visit is the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts. Conversely, you can stop by the Minnesota History Theater.

Also, like Minneapolis, winters in St. Paul can be unforgiving for unprepared individuals. So, pack your winter gear before you decide to move to this city.

The Bottom Line

Both Minneapolis and St. Paul are excellent places to relocate; these locations should definitely be in your “Ideal Places to Retire” list. Each of these Minnesota cities provides different attractions to residents and tourists, so let this post help you decide which of these locales fit your lifestyle the best.


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