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Keeping Maintenance to a Minimum – 5 Tips for Your Pool Area

Photo by Raining Huang on Unsplash


An elegant looking pool comes only from hard work and daily maintenance. Or does it? With modern technology and acts of architectural genius, it’s possible to have the perfect pool area without worrying too much about maintenance.


You need not hire a pool guy to take care of your pool or even a garden service to spoil your greenery—you can do it all yourself!


You can have the perfect pool area to suit your busy lifestyle. With a few simple alterations, you can have an outdoor swimming pool that looks more like it belongs on the property of a five-star hotel rather than in your back garden. Follow these five tips and get your pooling area looking stunning without the need to slave away to maintain it.


1. Get the Perfect Cleaning System

Keeping your pool free from debris, silt and more is a tiring task. There are products on the market that keep your pool spotless with little to no effort. Can you believe that there are robotic pool cleaners on the market that scan every inch of your pool before proceeding to thoroughly clean it?


2. Alter Your Landscaping

Landscaping is an obvious must in your pool area. What pool area is complete without perfectly manicured trees and the greenest of grass? Although you may enjoy the view, seasons change and you’ll end up with grass, leaves and more in your pool. This makes maintenance difficult and strenuous before every swim.


Change up the view a bit by planting trees that hardly shed any leaves, berries or seeds. Trees with low maintenance requirements make for a pool with almost no maintenance requirements either.


Another big hit with modern low maintenance pools is artificial grass in South Africa and even Dubai owned pool areas will thrive with synthetic patches of lawn surrounding their pool. Artificial grass needs little to no maintenance with upkeep. Think about it: no real grass equals no soil, grass or dirt ending up in your pool.


3. Salt is the Way to Go

Most people enjoy the smell of the ocean. It makes you feel you are on holiday even when living on the coast. Why not do the same for your pool? Give your pool a holiday from harsh chemicals.


Having a saltwater pool is not as maintenance-free as one would think, though it takes less effort to maintain a saltwater pool than a chlorine chemical pool. The water is also softer on your skin and won’t damage swimwear or your pool components.


4. Get the Right Pool Surface

Certain pool surfaces stain easily and are hard to clean. The best pool surface to consider is quartz. Quartz is easier to clean which keeps maintenance at a minimum, especially when it comes to annual pool cleaning tasks. The surface is smooth and shines like seashells.


Having a quartz surfaced pool also makes for an elegant looking pool. It will look wonderful framed by artificial grass surrounding the pool—both colours will pop.


You can also look at newer technology such as an eco-finish surface. This surface is resistant to scratching, peeling and chipping. It also reduces the use of chemicals for pH balancing.


5. Endorse a Maintenance Plan

Nothing in this world is maintenance-free. You can add as many robots and auto cleaning systems to your pool or garden but you’ll still require some human interaction to make sure it’s properly maintained.


A maintenance plan, much like what you have for your car, is needed for your pool too. Cleaning of all components is needed. A thorough cleaning should be done at least twice a year or installing an automatic pool cover can also be a good investment. And it’s worth it! Remember that proper maintenance cuts down on daily maintenance.


With basic changes and additions to your pool area, you can change the complete look of it to resemble the pools featured in your dreams. Make your pool the centre of attention when inviting family and friends for a fun day in the sun. There are no limits to designing the perfect place of relaxation.


And then your boring pool area might be the centre of fun on a hot day or the hotspot for family and friends to enjoy. But after a day of fun in the sun, you find the water milky & filled with debris. The fun of earlier is quickly forgotten. But if you apply our tips, your pool will be all you need it to be and more!



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