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How You Can Improve Your Interview Process In 2020

It’s 2020 – a new year and a fresh opportunity to improve your game in the workforce. Now’s the time to pay attention to new employee trends and improve your interviewing process so that you can retain excellent workers who share your passion for your brand.

Did you know that 46% of new hires are fired or quit in the first 18 months? [1]

This statistic doesn’t necessarily mean that there is fault with a company that has high employee turnover. It may simply mean that managers and recruiters are employing the wrong candidates from the get-go. One solution to this problem is to improve the interview process so that the right person is employed for the right job and this can be done most efficiently with the best HR software UK or US has to offer.

Here are 5 ways you can perfect your interview process in 2020:

  1. Perfect Your Job Vacancy Ad

It all starts with the ad. When you create an ad for an open vacancy, make sure you pay special attention to your wording. Creative ads may sound fun and impressive but you really just want to stick to the point. Forgo fancy words such as “sales guru”, for example, and remain professional – even if your company maintains a fun and casual culture.

By keeping your advert succinct and to the point, you are more likely to attract serious candidates who aren’t going to beat around the bush and possibly waste your time.

  1. Use Technology to Filter Your Applications

It’s inevitable that you are going to receive applications from candidates who aren’t up to scratch, even if you do place a perfect ad. Since it’s 2020, you can now rely on technology to help you sift through applications. Online recruitment systems (often referred to as applicant tracking systems) can be enabled to deploy ‘killer’ screening questions that will filter the wheat from the chaff.

  1. Create A List of Core Questions to Ask the Candidates

Just because you are the one conducting the interview, it doesn’t mean you should be any less prepared than the interviewee. One way of being prepared is to create a list of core questions to ask all candidates. Make sure these questions are relevant to modern-day roles and work ethics.

You can then ask the candidates separate follow-up questions so that you can find out more about their personal skills and experiences.

  1. Answer Questions Honestly

Finding the right fit for your company means that your company also needs to be the right fit for each of its employees. To retain workers, it is essential that they feel like they belong in your organisation and that they are capable of contributing towards realistic goals.

Avoid the “salesy” approach when pitching your business to potential employees and instead, focus on being transparent and honest.

  1. Discuss Your Company’s Culture

While a candidate may have amazing skills with tons of experience to boot, if they are not a fit for the company culture that’s been instilled, chances are that they are not going to last. Make a point of sussing each candidate out to see what their values and beliefs are. Ask them questions that will give you an idea of whether their goals coincide with yours. If an employee feels like they belong, then they are more likely to stick around.


[1] HR Morning: Interviewing Resources for HR & Hiring Managers


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