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Full Critique of Dr. Phil’s CRAZY House He Just Put on The Market

The internet is going crazy over Dr. Phil’s ridiculously tacky house that he just put on the market for $5.75 Million. The 6,170-square-foot house features a gun room and trippy staircase.

The exterior seems like any other house in the neighborhood with yellow walls and tiled roof but the interior will seriously shock you.

Records indicate that the property was purchased in 2007 under a trust associated to Phillip McGraw (Dr. Phil). He has said that the property has been since lived in by his son Jordon.

The purple floating egg chair is not something that you would expect Dr. Phil to be swinging in, but it makes sense that his young and hip son Jordon would possibly like this unique style.

It seems as though the decorations are a bit much for me personally. Covering every inch with pop-influenced art is a bit tacky. It would be very interesting to explore this house with its endless items. Perhaps Dr. Phil should invite his son Jordon on the show for their hoarders segments!

It does not seem like the house has any sort of color palette or specific style. It is truly all over the place, and has been very lived in.

This would be my favorite room for sure, the cuddle room! I do live the deep fuchsia velvet couch but overall it seems dingy. You can tell that this room has been enjoyed as much as I would.

Is that seriously paint splattered on the floor? The checkered ceiling seen in the back would also give me a headache. 


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