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Cloud-based Call Center Software – Your Key to Success

Do you think that your cloud-based call center software is good enough to handle the call traffic and can act as a medium of inbound and outbound communication?

 If that is what you think, then we regret to say that you are underestimating it and only using half of it. It is way more than a mere point-of-contact between business and customers. It can act as a catalyst in your business growth, can help you yield out the maximum from your team without overburdening them, can centralize marketing, and help you increase your market presence.

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Yes, you read it right. All of this can do done with your cloud-based call center software.

Hard to believe?

Then stay tuned and find out on your own –

  • Automation at your disposal

If asked honestly, all your call center employees will admit that they are busier in administrative works like taking call records, noting down feedback, and updating the information rather than handling calls. In that case, your call center is half good, and your employees are overburdened.

With a cloud-based call center, you get automation at its best. All the manual tasks like call recording, note-keeping, call transferring, call distribution, and reporting can happen with zero human intervention. This top-notch automation helps your agents not to squander away crucial working hours on administrative work and shift focus on important and growth-driven tasks.

It indirectly improves your team’s productivity, as well. So, using cloud telephony in a call center is like hitting two birds with a single stone.

  • Increased market presence without making you bankrupt

Globalization is the key, and every business wants to expand on a global level sooner or later. If you think that you need a fortune for that, then wait for second and think what if you can do it just with the help of a cloud-based phone system.

Using cloud-based telephony enables a business to operate from any remote location while aiming for globalization. Your agents can login from any of the data-driven devices and start making/receiving calls, because all telephony components are available on the cloud space. It is as simple as that.

  • Not just talk with the customer but engage with customers

Time has changed a lot. Now, attending customers’ call is not enough. You need to keep them engage in every best possible manner.  Are you still struggling to gather relevant information for better customer engagement? Then try handing over this job to cloud-based call center software.

A cloud-based Business voip phone service comes with an interoperability facility and can import/export data from any other platform without asking your agents to leave their desks. 

It empowers your customer engagement at every level.

So, while attending the call, you can ask to fill an online feedback form and send the link,  tell them about promotional activities arranged by you, and can also offer them tailor-made loyalty programs all in one go. Customer engagement was never as easy as it is with cloud telephony.

  • Monitor the employees’ performance without being turned into a helicopter boss

If you want to taste success, then ensuring that your employees are doing justice to the job and working hours is more than imperative.  But, you can’t turn into a helicopter and hover over your employees’ heads to do so. 

We recommend you to try the cloud phone system for this job as it comes with tons of call monitoring features that enable a manager to keep an eye on every employee’s activity from a distance. For instance, there is a call barge facility that allows a manager to enter into a two-way conversation at any point in time and learn about how an employee is handling a customer.

Then it offers call reporting that gives you detailed reports about several calls received/make by an agent per day, average call duration, issues resolved. All this information comes handy and without disturbing the agents-at-work. 

  • CRM is not a headache anymore

CRM is, indeed, a crucial aspect of business operations. Ignoring it can cost you a fortune. Having said that doesn’t mean that CRM handling is easy. It is one of the most tedious and hectic tasks to handle. 

Have you ever tried cloud telephony for CRM handling?

If not, then it’s high time that you should. All the leading VoIP service providers offer in-build CRM integrations with the cloud-based business phone system. Such phone systems bring major CRM tools like ZohoCRM, Slack, Pipedrive, and Zendesk over a single platform and make CMR handling a cakewalk.

Call center software is more than a communication tool. It is your weapon to thrive in this cut-throat competitive world and reach the pinnacle. But all of this will only happen if you pick the right resource.  So, try to hire the best call center software and unleash its true potential.


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