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Here Are the Different Types of Ceilings Used In Various Properties

Have you ever made an entrance into a building and stared at the ceiling for long? Gorgeous ceilings have that effect on people. You can achieve this by changing the type of ceiling in your property. Whether you own a residential or commercial, you can use the ceiling to express your style.

Instead of using the conventional plastic castings to make ceilings, you should consider investing in GFRG Access Panels. This type of roofing can improve the aesthetics of the ceiling. They are designed in different forms to boost the overall look of your property. If you operate a restaurant in America, you can make it look more attractive by installing these panels on the ceiling.

The types of ceilings

As you think about investing in GFRG Access Panels panels, you can learn more about the types of ceiling that are common in different properties.

  • Suspended ceiling

These days, a lot of American homeowners do not like conventional ceilings. They, therefore, add a flat ceiling below an already existing one to hide any mechanical fixtures on the old ceiling. The suspended ceiling is made up of a metal grid that is suspended and attached to the old ceiling. Since the style has to lower the original height of a room, it is not ideal for areas such as the basement.

  • Tray ceiling

Most modern kitchens and dining rooms in the US contain tray ceilings. This roof is built upwards and designed to resemble a tray. It has a regular center which can be inverted to make it look unique. Using this type of ceiling in a small kitchen can make it appear taller. You can even include some decorative molding on the tray ceiling.

  • Coffered ceiling

Luxury homes and resorts like using coffered ceilings. It tends to form a waffle-like pattern that makes it classic. Though incorporating this ceiling in your property may be costly, it can add value to a property. The coffered ceiling goes well with chandeliers or recessed lighting style.

  • Cathedral ceiling

This ceiling features sloping sides and forms a V-shape turned upside down. Such a ceiling needs wide trusses to enhance insulation and ventilation within the building. It tends to give the property a spacious and open feel. Though the ceiling adds a touch of elegance to the property, you may experience difficulties when it comes to things such as adjusting light fixtures or painting. It also tends to consume more energy compared to the rest of the ceilings.

  • Caved ceiling

You can also make a room feel subtle by using a caved ceiling. This roof consists of a curved molding which begins from the main wall of the room to the ceiling. It creates a concave shape at the side. The ceiling is ideal for formal rooms. It can be used to separate different living spaces. The ceiling can be painted white so that it matches the floor molding.

  • Beam ceiling

A lot of contemporary styles houses in America today contain beam ceilings. In this style, the beams appear in the interior of the house. It creates a captivating depth to the beam ceiling.  While some properties make use of load bearing beams, others prefer hardwood or faux beams that are visually appealing.


Ceilings can create a particular effect on the interior of any property. As you think about the right type of ceiling to use, you should choose GFRG Access Panels that can secure your items.


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