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How Do You Know What Kind of Mattress You Need?

If you have stayed with your mattress for over seven years, it’s time to change it. Regardless of the materials and price of your mattress, it’s best if you replace it once it turns seven years. Generally, the lifespan of a mattress is only about seven years. Continuing to use the same one for more than seven years can eventually disrupt your sleep and cause severe health problems. An old mattress can also become the breeding ground of pests, which can trigger any chronic allergies.

Choosing a new one should not be a hasty decision but a well-articulated and planned move. The mattress you’ll buy and use can significantly affect your overall health and ambiance of your bedroom. It’ll be challenging for you to sleep well every night if your mattress is too firm or too small. There are multiple mattress stores online and offline, but finding a genuine vendor can get tricky. This is especially true if you’ve never experienced buying a mattress in the past. With the number of options to choose from today, you’ll likely see yourself swimming from having too many options.

You need a mattress that will meet your standards. It should offer comfort and be durable. Meanwhile, sellers will want to hoodwink you into buying, without considering what you desire. In order to gain profit from you, sellers who offer mattresses will only speak good things about the mattress, but you shouldn’t solely rely on their marketing schemes. Before you head out to buy a brand-new mattress, it’s important to have an idea of what kind of mattress you actually need.

Before ordering, check out our tips to help you determine the exact mattress you need.

1. Budget

Your budget determines the mattress you’ll land. However, ample research can enable you to get a bargain. If you already have a brand in mind, spend time researching to determine if the budgeted you’ve allotted is enough for you to afford the mattress. If you’re eyeing to invest in a DHP futon mattress, for example, check websites and other online platforms to see if its price is something within your budget. The more you know about specific mattress brands, the easier it’ll be for you to come up with a realistic budget.

The benefit of buying a mattress is you have plenty of options from around the globe. You can buy online from any store. Again, you’re likely to get discounts and online shops sell at friendly prices, unlike your standard local vendor.

Besides, don’t worry about testing the mattress. Mattress manufacturers offer a money-back and satisfaction guarantee to enhance trust. So, you can return the mattress to the vendor in case it has defaults.

2. Choose Your Desired Mattress

Mattresses come in varying types and designs. Each mattress type possesses unique features, advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the value of caution whenever choosing a mattress.

There are now three major mattress types. They include Latex, foam and coil. 

The latex mattress is flexible and maintains the shape of your body. It has bounce characteristics which add comfort and cooling for customers. Examples include the Queens mattress. Visit Bargains and Buyouts for more information about it.

Memory foam is soft and luxurious. It absorbs pressure and has minimal motion, therefore, ideal for patients in pain and couples. 

Coil mattresses used to be popular, but innovations and changing consumer preferences caused new styles and designs.

Different types of mattresses come with different pros and cons. Before you decide which to buy, make sure that you research your options and know what its users are saying. This will enable you to set your expectations and choose a mattress that suits your lifestyle.

3. Mattress Support

A bad mattress will likely expose you to back pains and poor posture. Choose a mattress that supports your whole body well and keeps your spine aligned in a good position. Ensure none of your body parts sags, and the mattress absorbs pressure effectively.

If you often sleep on your back, it’s best if you buy a medium-firm mattress to ensure that your spine is properly supported. A medium soft mattress works best for people who sleep on their sides as this can support their shoulders.

4. Firmness

Firmness relates to the smoothness or hardness of your mattress. It determines comfort and whether the mattress is useful for a smooth sleep.

Check your mattress ratings to assess firmness and consider your weight and sleeping positions as they can determine whether to buy a specific mattress. If you’re heavy, you can opt for a heavy density mattress; however, it comes as a higher cost.


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