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Bringing Mother Earth into Urban Design

Approximately 74 percent of Americans believe that, ‘the country should do whatever it takes to protect the environment’, according to a Pew Research Center survey. In an era of diminishing oil reserves and increasing energy costs, the demand for housing designs that offer a low carbon footprint has never been so popular. Whether it’s a contemporary prefab home design or a construction made from plastic bottles, our options for unique housing designs which use a combination of sustainability and low energy have broadened considerably. If you’re looking for some unique design ideas for bringing Mother Earth into a home, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Green building practices

Building and designing an alternative green home of your dreams that is made from sustainable materials will have a minimum environmental impact, particularly if it’s a small home. Having purchased a plot of land, the possibilities for green building practices are both plentiful and affordable. Choose from building a cob house built from straw and mud, shipping crate and pallet houses or pre-built log cabin kits based upon unique designs in accordance with your budget, space and needs.

Green design creations

Recent trends have seen an increase in architectural features of a green wall or roof which are a perfect way to bring nature into an urban home. Installing green roofs and vertical gardens have many benefits and will not only remove toxins from an indoor space but they can also improve a building’s insulation against heat loss and lower noise pollution. While they create a green living space to grow both edible and nonedible plants, they usually require little water or maintenance.

Natural resource preservation

The possibilities of incorporating green design based on saving energy and using natural resources are endless, whether it be installing solar panels, tankless water systems or harnessing geothermal energy. Modern designs are also using natural light into a home in order to substantially save on energy while simultaneously improving the benefits on human mental and physical health. Additionally, it can enhance the interior design of a home by revealing spaces through interacting with the natural environment.

Whatever green design you wish to accommodate into an urban property, the end result will ensure a home has lower cost and energy consumption so that nature becomes part of a unique construction which will help to preserve the planet.


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