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Fields Being Taken Over by Commercial Robots


3d rendering humanoid robots working with headset and notebook

Commercializing a robot means getting a tool that will be very valuable to provide a good return on investment as expected. Robots perform tasks way better than they could be performed if they were done manually. In time, robots are likely to be used heavily in fields that require great consistency, accuracy and endurance. Moreover, they will be used in tasks that induce heavily on low-wage labor.

It is not likely that robots will replace all the humans in performing tasks, but it is more likely that commercial robots will be assistants hence fewer people will be needed in companies.

Below are some of the areas where commercial robots will be more utilized;

·                 In hospitals

A robot nurse is an example of a commercial robot that has been used in some countries such as in the US. This is likely to be heavily used in years to come, this is because comparing to the wages being offered to the nurses, the robot is more economic. The robot nurse carries patient’s meals and notes. It also distributes bed linen, dressings, carries waste and many other tasks done by a human nurse. Since the hospitals have well-structured environments, a robot can easily perform the required tasks.

Additionally, doctor-controlled surgical robots will soon be widely used. They are actually already in use.

·                 In the farm

Farming is a back-breaking work and is usually very repetitive. A great part of farming is still being done manually. However commercial robots have been developed and others are still in the making to improve the quality of the vegetables or fruit crops. In addition, these robots are useful in cutting labor cost and improving sales.

·                 In education

The utilization of computers, computer graphics and television in education, is likely to increase. Some experiments done with teaching commercial robots have been successful. Students who are not around campus or live away from the country are able get the teaching services of the universities. Tele learning will be taken to new levels when these robots are used.

·                 In Pharmacies

Commercial robots used in a pharmacy are already in existence in UK. These robots are able to pick the correct packet of drugs then pass them to a pharmacist via a conveyor belt for checking before giving them to the patient. This kind of a robot therefore can be used in a busy pharmacy which can then be run by the robot and one pharmacist. This evidently show that the labor cost will be cut down and sales will increase consequently.

·                 On factory floors

Commercial robots are being heavily used on complex tasks in the production line.  They are used to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively. The rapidly growing complexity of sensors and artificial intelligence will make the interactions of the robots and the humans in the workspace safe. Moreover, in the recent times collaborative robots are being developed for the same purpose. Employees continue to perform tasks that require human judgment while the robots perform the dirty, dull and heavy tasks. This increases the productivity of employees which improves the quality of the end product.

·                 In laboratories

Research and development requires tiny and accurately measured volumes of liquids that are to be added to test tubes following a specific procedure. This enormous tasks can be done efficiently by using a commercial robot thus minimizing errors and achieving the desired results faster.

·                 Emergency services

With the utilization of Artificial Intelligence, using robots to handle emergency services really makes sense. For instance; human fire fighters are always put in danger when putting off fires, in this case, the robots can be used since they can resist the high temperatures. Moreover, their functionality cannot be affected by smoke inhalation and can navigate through the close-quarters, where human fire-fighters may fail to see, by using their lasers and radar.

Technology has been heavily used in the development of commercial robots. This ensures that there is increased productivity in the tasks been performed by the robots.  Identifying the right robot for the desired tasks is very important as it dictates how well the expected results are achieved.


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