Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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20 Unique Multi-Functional Designer Furniture Pieces

We invite you to discover 20 creative designer furniture that will literally revolutionize your home.

Following the success of our Facebook video  many of you wondered where to get these famous creative furniture that we put forward.

Several designers are at the origin of the various works presented; we put at your disposal the various links on which you will be able to get them and thus revolutionize the decoration of your home. Be careful, they are not all there , some are only personal projects … There is something for everyone.

Fletcher Table

Credits : fletchertables.com

The “Evolution” door by Klemens Torggler

Credits : torggler.co.at

Hidden Vision

Credits : hvtvmounts.com

White Bolt

Credits : boulonblanc.com

Miaojie Ted Zhang

Rock Paper Robot

Credits : rockpaperrobot.com

Dr. Decks

Credits : drdecks.com

Expandable Furniture

Credits : expandfurniture.com


Credits : parnian.com

Juno Jeon

Credits : junojunos.com

Köllen Design

Credits : kollendesign.com

Robert van Embricqs

Credits : robertvanembricqs.com



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