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Symbolism of the Eiffel Tower

Paris Peace sign

Towers have evolved throughout history and cultural development and remain standing tall in the current age. They are our memories and a symbol of a future filled with hope and promise for all. There is no limit to how high we can build and travel as a society.

After the Paris Attacks, Jean Jullien desired to capture solidarity among the residents of Paris and as an artist, it was his best way to express himself. Jullien combined the symbol of the Eiffel Tower with the global sign for peace for expression of love to Paris.

Today the Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognizable structures on the planet, but that wasn’t always the case. While millions of visitors during and after the World’s Fair in Paris of 1889 were marveled by it, some considered it an eyesore such as Guy de Maupassant who hated it so much, he ate lunch at the base, because it was the only place he could avoiding see the striking silhouette.

Over the years, numerous high-profile stunts and events have taken place there lamenting its place in history.  While every seven years it is repainted and around 500 employees are responsible for daily operations, the Eiffel Tower welcomes more visitors than any other paid monument in the world.

The Eiffel Tower has well deserved its place among the Paris skyline. It is not just a symbol of Paris and France, but of the entire world. People flock to its striking figure and are willing to defend its value in the City of Lights.

Jean Julliet said it best, “It’s an image for everyone.”

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